1. Symmetry Media

With Qwilr, cutting down on time and boosting the quality of proposals has been made easier




Advertising Services

Company size

1-10 employees

Cinematographer Adam Howden on location filming Taubmans TV commercial

As a passionate director and producer, Dean Ginsburg and James Carr met in 2011, and founded Symmetry Media – soon after. Since then the business has thrived, producing award-winning documentaries, social media content, animations and TV commercials across every state of Australia, and 25 countries.

“The goal was always to expand further into the advertising space to help clients grow their brands through the lens of engaging film content."

James Carr,Executive Producer at Symmetry Media

The trade-off between speed and quality

As the business grew, Dean and James found themselves working in remote and challenging locations from the Daintree rainforest, to the snowy Kosciuszko National Park, to a remote desert town. And with a small team of six staff running the show, their limited time meant it was a challenging gamble to put in days of work for a competitive pitch.

“On the one hand, we could whip up a simple email quote very quickly, but it wouldn’t be seductive or enticing enough for a client. We also had a digital library of still images and videos from past projects that would be great to showcase our work, but simply dropping them into an email without context didn’t work well."

James Carr,Executive Producer at Symmetry Media

For a business centred on producing dynamic, vibrant and memorable content, their email proposals were falling short of the mark and the alternative was a time-consuming one.

“We could send a lush and crafted PDF document that would be very persuasive, but it would have a huge time overhead of one to two days to design."

James Carr,Executive Producer at Symmetry Media

With more clients recognising the benefits of cinematic content, Dean and James realised their pitch-winning time would be stretched, and that creating beautiful proposals quickly would be the new name of the game.

Creating beautiful proposals quickly

After searching for ways to efficiently create proposals for new clients, Dean and James came across Qwilr as a solution for their sales documents.

“We trialled Qwilr, fell in love with it and now it’s a huge pillar of our business. We have built six templates for different tiers of production and tailor them as a new job comes up. We can easily include a personal message from one of our company heads, and a breakdown of the creative execution of the project, including how the film will be shot and the type of cameras, lighting and music that will be used. It’s easy to include a Terms & Conditions hyperlink in our quote block, so that when a client is ready to come on board, they can simply click the ‘Accept’ button and digitally sign. We really appreciate how the quote, creative and legal aspects all come together in one place."

James Carr,Executive Producer at Symmetry Media

More time doing what they love

Since implementing Qwilr as a core part of Symmetry Media’s business over three years ago, they have been able to boost the quality of their proposals, reduce the time taken to create them, and most importantly, win more work.

“Qwilr is a very happy medium for us. The software has filled a gap in our business by allowing us to create dynamic and professional proposals in a matter of minutes, not days. We can embed all our visual assets in one webpage, giving our clients a seamless experience, without having to send them separate links. This is a really powerful and modular platform, which better reflects our belief to never compromise on quality. But it’s not just the software that has impressed Symmetry Media on their journey. Whenever we reach out to the Customer Support team for help, they are always quick to respond with a solution or workaround."

James Carr,Executive Producer at Symmetry Media

Overall, Qwilr has helped them grow their business and spend more time doing what they love – entertaining, engaging and inspiring people through the art of film.