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Why Lambda chose Qwilr to help close six and seven-figure deals




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Over the past few years we’ve heard more and more about the promise of artificial intelligence, or AI for short. Though AI seemed to only exist in science fiction, it’s now a rapidly growing industry. In fact, research shows by 2025 it’ll be a 126 billion dollar industry.

And while AI is discussed nearly everywhere now, harnessing the potential of this technology to create products that can be easily understood and sold is a modern business challenge. One company navigating this new space is Lambda. They’re long-time innovators who started in the AI space in 2012.

Their first big project was helping create facial-recognition software (yes, it does sound like something pulled straight out of Hollywood). Since, they’ve continued working on AI solutions and now offer a full suite of hardware, software, and cloud products for any organization looking to train the largest machine learning models in the world, at the lowest cost.

Selling the future

Though AI is becoming more commonplace, it’s still a complex product. And that complexity can make selling a bit more challenging. Even with most of Lambda's customers coming from an engineering background, due to the size of deals, it's common for non-technical business leaders to be involved in the decision making process, especially at the Fortune 500 level.

“What may be interesting to an engineer, is probably different than what’s interesting to someone without a technical background. Since we're doing these six and seven figure deals it’s important we’re able to show our value to everyone involved, “ said Brooks.

Having a tool like Qwilr where they can include video and other visuals lets Robert and his team share the different aspects of Lambda succinctly. Meaning they can easily connect with all the potential stakeholders in the deal. Also, for the times where some internal selling is needed, their Qwilr page serves as a great resource.

“It’s pretty common for us to have a champion in an organization doing some internal selling. The Qwilr page means they have everything they need to make their pitch and don’t have to reach back out to us to get more information, “ said Brooks. And less back-and-forths means a faster sales process, which is important to closing almost any deal.

Prioritizing the process

Even though they’re tackling large projects, and working with industry leaders like Microsoft, and Wells Fargo, Lambda has a pretty lean team. With that being the case, Robert doesn’t always have access to a dedicated designer to get proposals put together.

“I’m the one making, and designing the proposals.” Having a tool like Qwilr that’s intuitive to use made that process much simpler. Also, having a library of templates proved to be useful, too. “I like that I had a starting point. It made putting things together go quicker.”

Robert also utilizes the ability to save different blocks. The combination of a great template, and pre-saved blocks means his reps are empowered to make their own proposals, and quotes. The template, and blocks, ensure branding is consistent, and creation is quick. Both of which are important to making a great buyer experience.

Modern content for modern tech

We all know the old saying, “don’t judge a book by its cover.” Though great advice when used metaphorically, the saying doesn’t tend to hold up when considered literally. In fact, one study found covers are a factor in book purchasing decisions for 79% of people. There’s a simple reason for that, how something looks gives us a lot of information.

As it is with books, proposals can suffer due to a lack of aesthetic appeal, too. As Robert Brooks, Director of Sales at Lambda, explains initially they were using Google Slides as their proposal tool, but found it may not be the best fit. “We offer a number of different solutions, so being able to present our offering holistically was a big deal,” said Brooks.

When they were using Google Slides the presentations tended to feel fragmented, and didn’t always do the best job at presenting the company as a whole. “The [Google Slides] presentations were really basic and a little boring, honestly.” It was quickly becoming clear Lambda needed a new proposal solution so they could best position their company, and products. That’s when they found Qwilr.

Moving forward

Being on the cutting-edge is tough business. However, with a rock-solid team, customer-focus, and commitment to innovation, Lambda is on the right track. Though the AI of the future may not make for a great Hollywood script, it will certainly impact, and improve, how the world-at-large operates.

We at Qwilr count ourselves lucky to play some small role in Lambda’s success and are excited to see what the future brings them. If you’re interested to learn more about the future of online documents, feel free to check out more about Qwilr, or schedule a demo