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About ParkCo

ParkCo is a Canada-based startup, founded by Momentum Developments in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada’s tech hub. ParkCo, offers the latest in cutting edge, smart parking solutions. Using IoT technology, ParkCo allows property owners and operators the opportunity to transform their parking portfolio into a data-driven profit center.

Through their AI driven software platform, ParkCo is able to gather ‘spot on’ parking occupancy data 24/7, allowing for the opportunity to “oversell” vacant spaces that are not being used, similar to the airline and hotel industries. In a nutshell, ParkCo unlocks hidden revenue opportunities for a wide range of customers – from developers to building owners to property managers.

The challenge

Creating proposals that shine on a budget

Like most companies in the startup landscape, ParkCo needed to be smart with its resources and time.

“Being a small company, we were really struggling with how we were creating our proposals, given the volume piling up. I was taking hours upon hours to use Microsoft Word to create proposals. Everyone deals with change, but not every company deals with it at the volume that we do. Everything's so variable for us."

Jennifer Steele, Business Development at ParkCo

Adapting proposals to the particularities of each client at the speed required proved difficult and it ate up valuable time.

Creating presentations for clients using PowerPoint didn’t fare any better. Jennifer had to meticulously tailor every presentation with formatting, resizing, and adding new information. Updating all of the different versions of each presentation constantly was cumbersome.

That’s when they found Qwilr.

“Qwilr has cut down my time on proposals by 75%.”

Jennifer Steele, Business Development at ParkCo

The solution

Seamless team collaboration as the company grows

Determined to find a better way to optimize her resources, Jennifer decided to try out Qwilr on recommendation from the company’s President, Brock Boehler. She knew it was a good fit right away, due to how easy the web interface was to use, and the help she got from customer service.

With Qwilr, ParkCo saves time by generating proposals more efficiently, eliminating the need to constantly update documents. But the upgrade to Qwilr didn’t just save them time, it also improved the look and feel of the presentations and proposals.

“We want to communicate professionalism to our clients; we want to look futuristic, modern, and sleek, just like our product."

Jennifer Steele, Business Development at ParkCo

With Qwilr, their proposals now look ultra professional, with a fraction of the time.

Finally, the move to Qwilr allowed the ParkCo team to collaborate better. Working together in one document is now done in a breeze.

“The whole team can have access to files, and we can just keep making the updates as we grow. One of the great advantages of using Qwilr for startups is that it adapts to how everything is changing, which is usually at rapid-fire speed.”

Jennifer Steele, Business Development at ParkCo

With Qwilr’s design tools they are now able to reflect the overall brand aesthetic in their proposals. Also, since Qwilr pages are web pages, they could easily utilize other assets they had like videos and pictures.

“We could just copy and paste from our content library and not worry about reformatting like we did before.”

Jennifer Steele, Business Development at ParkCo

All of which added up to a consistent brand experience for the prospect all the way through the sales cycle.

“As a marketer it’s refreshing to have control over the selling process up until the final point of sale.”

Jennifer Steele, Business Development at ParkCo

The result

Delivering sleek presentations 75% faster

ParkCo’s sales documents are looking better than ever after replacing PowerPoint and Word with Qwilr. Since ParkCo’s product offering is quite diverse, including software, hardware, and analytics, presentations can sometimes be complex. Qwilr has simplified this process.

“It makes my life a lot easier. It takes down my time on proposals, I'd say by 75%."

Jennifer Steele, Business Development at ParkCo

Building on various templates, it’s easy for her and her team to drag and drop to customize a potential client’s presentation quickly.

Clients are happy, too, with having something different from what they usually see. Even in an industry that is still relatively traditional in its methodologies and work processes, ParkCo’s materials are receiving positive feedback.

“Clients are happy to have interactive quote tables and have the ability to share them with other people in their organization without the need for downloading. It’s fresh and new just like ParkCo.”

Jennifer Steele, Business Development at ParkCo

ParkCo is transforming smart parking with its full range of Insight suite products. See how they use Qwilr:

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