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From the initial proposal to the final client report, Verbate has produced better documents




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Founded in 2012, Verbate is a video survey platform where brands can ask questions and customers respond by recording and uploading videos through their phones. From brand audits, to concept testing, the business has transformed the way that qualitative research is accessed.

Taking the service one step further

Verbate was quick to catch the attention of big brands who were excited by the ability to see and feel their customers’ emotional reactions and use these to develop more targeted strategies. But, as client excitement grew, Verbate found that the tools they were using to communicate and present their research were not conveying the full picture.

“Our clients found lots of value in the video research we collected, but we often got asked to take it one step further and provide them with analysis and reports of the findings. Doing the analysis was fine, but when it came time to pull the report together, we ran into problems. We had great designers on the team who had grown up using PowerPoint and the Adobe Suite to produce really enticing documents. But for anyone who wasn’t familiar with these tools, creating the reports was a total nightmare”.

Grant Dewar, Director of Special Projects at Verbate

To make matters worse, the Verbate team was finding it difficult to seamlessly include the survey videos in the final client report.

“Attaching hyperlinks to videos throughout the report was functional, but it disrupted the smooth flow and made the whole thing feel clunky."

Grant Dewar, Director of Special Projects at Verbate

If Verbate were to continue offering analysis and reports to their clients, they knew they would have to find a better way to create and present them.

Delivering a better customer experience

Grant came across Qwilr after a friend of his recommended the software for quickly creating proposals, but he soon discovered that Qwilr was useful for more than just that.

“Although we were able to create and send quite decent quotes using Word or Indesign templates, switching to Qwilr has enabled us to do it faster, and the enhanced look and feel makes for a much better client experience. For us though, the real stand out is that Qwilr has allowed us to include the survey videos in the reports we produce for our clients. With Qwilr, we simply embed them into the web-based reports along all of the supporting tables and analysis, and we know it will be a great experience for our client regardless of whether they view it on a mobile or desktop."

Grant Dewar, Director of Special Projects at Verbate

More quality work in less time

Having made the switch to Qwilr, Verbate has been able to carve out significant time savings, from sourcing initial leads to producing final client reports. Most importantly, the increased quality and analysis included in these reports has helped their clients make better informed decisions.

“Qwilr is a great solution that has allowed us to spend a lot less time producing work that ends up being of a higher quality. We can create quotes 3-4 times faster, which is a real benefit for both our business and our clients. Above all else though, we really value how easy it is to create a beautiful document without any experience. I’m not a particularly design-minded or artistic individual, so for me to be able to achieve a similar outcome as someone with a background in design is really impressive”.

Grant Dewar, Director of Special Projects at Verbate

As Verbate expands from their Australian base into the UK and US markets, they’ll continue to use Qwilr to produce beautiful proposals and reports that help their customers make better decisions.