1. TimeHub

Simplifying the sales workflow for better brand consistency with Qwilr


New Zealand



Company size

201-500 employees

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Switching out wine for time, payroll specialist, Steve Nathan, sold his boutique winery in 2017 to launch TimeHub – a system that eliminates paper timesheets and lets employees clock in from their smartphones or tablets. Partnering with his wife Bev, the two returned to the payroll space after facing the challenge of tracking the attendance and hours worked of their rural staff in the vineyards.

The race against time

With a lean, dedicated team, TimeHub was quick to scale across SMEs ranging from hospitality to factories. But when it came to devoting the necessary time to engage the growing number of prospects, accuracy and consistency were a challenge.

“The main issue was that our sales team were time poor. To try speed things up, I created sales templates in Word that could be changed depending on the client and their business needs. But this still required mail merging and many times, the team would just do what they wanted and would reformat the documents with their own choice of fonts and styles. Also, when the team was creating proposals one after the other, it was easy for them to input wrong numbers in the document. It was little errors like that which crept in and could change how we look professionally”.

Steve Nathan, Founder of TimeHub

For Steve, product and service are the two big things. But unfortunately, this lack of consistency and quality in their sales workflow was a real bump in the road that was impacting their service.

Keeping it simple

Steve has always loved shiny new toys, so when a friend of his said that Qwilr had paid for itself in the first proposal he sent, Steve knew he had to give it a shot.

“I’m all for finding new ways to work quicker and better. I started playing around with Qwilr and knew that I had to roll it out across sales. I’ve now designed a branded template for each member of the team, with similar graphics, videos and case studies for consistency. They can personalise the templates to their clients, but overall, the tone of voice is the same. This keeps it simple for them”.

Steve Nathan, Founder of TimeHub

But Steve has taken the software a step further and has found new ways of using Qwilr that work for the business.

“Instead of creating a regular quote block with a breakdown of TimeHub’s service costs, I include negative numbers to represent the savings that our clients receive using our software. All the total savings are automatically calculated in Qwilr, which is far more accurate than the team manually keying in numbers. We’ve also started to build digital brochures using Qwilr. Rather than needing a web designer or a developer to manage small updates at the back-end of our website, we can now create our own fast loading landing pages, with less effort”.

Steve Nathan, Founder of TimeHub

Getting the deal done quickly

Since making the switch to Qwilr, Steve knew there was no way he could go back to relying on Word documents. TimeHub has now simplified their workflow, gained greater brand consistency in their customer-facing material, and done it all with high visual impact.

“It’s really important to make sure that the message we want to deliver in a proposal gets to our client and gets them eager to work with us. With Qwilr, we have been able to quickly build our business case, communicate the value we bring and most importantly, help our clients save costs on wages. Because we receive instant notifications when a client has viewed our proposal, we have gotten much better at knowing who and where to target our efforts. Apart from the sheer time Qwilr has saved us, its ability to bring together standardised high-quality templates with branded customisation is really impressive”.

Steve Nathan, Founder of TimeHub

Whether it’s in the payroll space or on his next business adventure, Steve knows that Qwilr will be there to share the ride with him.