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Introducing: Loom video embeds in Qwilr

Updated Jul 28, 2020
introducing qwilr + loom

With the recent rise in remote work, in-person meetings are few and far in between, and getting a call on the calendar amidst the mishmash of work, home, work-from-home, and — What day is it again? — can be a real struggle.

It’s one reason video messaging tools like Loom are exploding in popularity. Sending someone a video they can watch at their convenience means you can communicate effectively anytime, anywhere.

Videos add a human touch and help you get your message across with a richer form of communication than text alone. That’s part of why Loom videos, just like Qwilr Pages, can help you close more deals.

So, what do you get when you combine Qwilr and Loom together? A doubly expressive, personal, and unique experience for your prospects, and yep — a lot more deals.

In fact, at Qwilr, we’ve seen 57% higher conversion rates from using Loom in our own sales process. That’s another post for another day, but it’s one big reason we’re excited to announce:

You can now embed Loom videos directly into your Qwilr Pages!

Record in Loom, share in Qwilr

Loom makes it easy to record a video of your screen, your face, or both. You can also quickly trim your video, add calls-to-action and custom thumbnails, and more.

From Qwilr, your Loom video is just a click away. Just add an inline video widget to your page, then paste the link to your Loom video. Boom! Loom! Done. Oh, and Video Blocks? Loom embeds work there too.

When you’re ready to share your Qwilr Page, grab your link and send it off. You’ll get notifications from Qwilr when your page is viewed, plus notifications from Loom when your video is played.

3, 2, 1… Action!

There are tons of ways to use videos in your sales process. Here are a few of our favorites:


Recording a walkthrough of your product means prospects can review the information at their own pace. A video demo is also a great supplement to a live product demo. Use it to reinforce what you covered or fill in the gaps if your prospect later asks about something you didn’t go over. That way, you don’t have to schedule a whole new demo to get your information across.


Sending a short video along with your proposal will help you stand out from the crowd. Showing a personal touch and some extra effort early on lets your prospect know that they’re not just a number to you, and that you’ll be a caring and attentive rep throughout the process.

Follow ups

Seeing your face on the screen will help you reinforce the relationship you’ve built with your prospect. As mentioned above, taking the time to put together a video will underscore your investment in them and help them feel confident moving forward with you.

Get started with Loom + Qwilr today

A Qwilr account and a Loom account is all you’ll need for the magic combination of beautiful proposals and expressive video messaging that will help you get through to more prospects and drive more business. Give it a shot, and as always, feel free to reach out if you need any help getting set up.