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COVID-19: What we’re doing to help

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Updated Mar 27, 2020
Covid 19 Updates & Resources

In the wake of COVID-19, we’re all up against some stark challenges. But perhaps now more than ever, it’s clear that we’re in it together. We’re all part of a global community — and it’s our view that we should be helping one another in whatever ways we can, no matter how small.

Here’s what we’re doing at Qwilr:

Flexible payment options for customers in especially impacted industries

Many businesses are in a precarious position right now. If you can’t afford to pay for your subscription due to financial interruptions, we’ve got you covered. Please reach out to our support.

Free plans for public service organizations

With news changing daily, organizations need to quickly create and share documents that can be easily updated and accessed from any device. Qwilr was built for this.

As such, if you are a government organization, school, healthcare provider, nonprofit or organization sharing critical public health information, Qwilr is now for free for you.

Please email our support with the title COVID-19, and someone will give you access to a free account as soon as possible. We’re also happy to help you get set up with any new documents.

Sharing resources

Selling in uncertain times

There's no two ways about it — sales teams are facing some particularly big hurdles right now.

Join us for a webinar where members from the Qwilr sales team will share their thoughts on how to navigate these challenges with compassion.

Free document creation and design service

For many, COVID-19 has meant an overflow of communications to send. If you have a long list of documents that you need to create or update, our document design team can help, fast and free of charge.

Just upload your request here, and we'll get back to you shortly.

This offer goes for you and your colleagues, so if you see someone is stretched, please feel free to send them the details.

Remote work help desk

Many teams have had to move into remote work abruptly, leaving them scrambling to adjust. Other teams have answered the call, with a surge in great advice on working remotely.

We've been a distributed team for years, but rather than add to the already solid list of general guidance, here's our guide written specifically for sales teams. We've also set up a special help desk to answer remote-related questions you may not have seen covered yet.

If you have questions about remote work for which you haven't found answers, we're here here to help — get in touch by emailing our support.

Stay healthy and safe

We sincerely hope to be of service during this time of hardship, and we’ll be continuing to evaluate what more we can do as things evolve over the coming weeks.

As always, if there’s anything we can do for you, please don’t hesitate to reach out.