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Brains and Heart: Welcoming Ben Mackie As Our New Head of Engineering

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Mark Tanner|Updated Sep 2, 2020
Ben Mackie joins Qwilr - in front of logo

At Qwilr, our position on company principles is that if they aren't being lived on the ground, day in and day out, then tear them down. If you're trying to build a world-changing company, nothing drains the enthusiasm of your team like corporate bullsh*t.

Accordingly, Mark and I are deeply invested in building and growing Qwilr to be a company that lives and breathes its principles. Embodies them in it's product, it's services and it's conduct, externally and internally.

This is why I'm so excited to have Ben Mackie joining the Qwilr team as our Head Of Engineering; and why I think he's a rare find, that we're lucky to have.

While Ben has an impressive 20+ years of experience building world class products and organisations (most recently as Head Of Engineering at Atlassian) what struck me about him during our interview process was his finely tuned barometer for people and for culture.

He demonstrated a deep understanding not just of the technology and the processes that deliver great products; but of the people and the teams that do so. He understands not just the importance of brains, but also the importance of heart.

This is why I'm so excited to have Ben Mackie join the Qwilr team.

Welcome Ben!

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Mark Tanner, CEO & Co-founder

Mark Tanner|CEO & Co-founder

Mark Tanner is the Co-founder and CEO @ Qwilr.

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