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Google Adwords Proposal Template
Embed images, websites and spreadsheets

Embed images, websites and spreadsheets

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Be on brand

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Price it right

Price it right

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Adwords Proposal

Prepared for

Golden Years Retirement Homes

Dear Tanya and team,

It has been excellent to get to know you and the Golden Years company over the past few weeks. Thank you for taking the time to meet with us and allow us to get a deeper understanding with you, your company and your long term vision.

We're excited to share our proposal for an AdWords search marketing campaign.


Logos is to create a new strategic recommendation for Search and Keyword Adwords Activity to increase page rankings and website traffic for Golden Years Retirement Homes across all US locations.

This document outlines a new proposed campaign structure and Adwords creative to leverage increased traffic for Golden Years Retirement Homes.

At our initial consultation, we discussed focussing on prospective clients looking to plan for the future – as opposed to clients looking to move. It was agreed that ‘Home Care’ will be presented as tactical campaigns for Open Days, New Developments and Residential Care will split budget evenly in the early stages.

Community Services is not commercially sound for AdWords investment.

All searches will be A/B tested to ensure clear and measurable data on what is working. Any adjustment in strategy, budget or creative can be discussed based on this data.


Keyword research and comparison

Being in tune with the language of your existing and potential customer base is the secret to successful SEM/SEO campaigns.

Competitor analysis

Opportunities can present themselves anywhere, and we look everywhere. Differentiating your strategy from your competitors is essential to being noticed online.

Adwords Campaign strategy

From long-term search optimization to short-term digital marketing campaigns, our analysts know how to get your searchers clicking.


With experience ranging from advertising, marketing, technical writing and education, our crack team of English-native language speakers are ready to tell the world about you.

Page optimization

We can help ensure your website pages rank to get the awareness and sales results you need.

User experience (UX) analysis

If your clicks are converting but your website isn’t, we’ll work out how to create a smooth customer journey from search to sale.


We provide extensive and regular reports for every project and take the time to explain technical nuances.

Competitor Analysis

In determining your search strategy, we looked at:

Midwest Retirement

Top 5 keywords mentioned on page (by frequency): Aged care, home care, retirement home, assisted living, disability services.

Title: Home Care & Disability Services - BaptistCare

Meta description: Whatever your needs, at BaptistCare YouChoose the care and services you want to help you maintain your independence at home and in your community.

Home page H1: Home Care & Disability Services

USA Villages

Top 5 keywords mentioned on page (by frequency): Aged care, retirement village, retirement home, elderly care, pension housing.

Title: USA Villages - Retirement homes around the nation

Meta description: We assist with the care of aging Americans as a full service retirement village community with locations around the nation.

Home page H1: USA Villages

Current Adwords Performance

Budget Restrictions

More so than any other campaign that has been running for Golden Years, the budget is exhausted very quickly for ‘Aged Care’. That’s largely because the cost to bid for these keywords are more competitive than the other services Golden Years advertises for in AdWords.

Increasing Competition

We anticipate that the competition will continue to increase for keywords as more private companies begin marketing directly to consumers.

Most conversions in AdWords

Compared to the other campaigns, ‘Aged Care’ has consistently had the most conversions compared to all other campaigns. There are recommendations in this report to use the best converting keywords in a go forward plan to drive this further.


We will place greater focus on searches for ‘home care’, which has less focus from your competitors and similar search volume.

Revised Structure & Budget

Of the 22 active keywords for HomeCare, the top 5 keywords represent ⅔ of all conversions, and 60% of all of the clicks. More budget should be applied to the higher-converting keywords.

New Ad Creative

A Version

B Version

“The team at logos were really good and helping my team understand how to be more efficient at search marketing.”

Andrew Woke

Head of Marketing, Capital Life Insurance


Anaya Mahesh // Account Lead

With experience across India, the Emirates and USA, Anaya has led SEO projects for Mercedes Benz, Shell and Home Depot. She prides herself on always achieving positive results for her clients.

Peter Campbell // SEO Strategist

With a keen eye for all things analytical, Peter’s ability to pull insights from data has made him an asset to our organisation.

Ross Herron // Content/Adwords Writer

A former children’s author and advertising copywriter, Ross can write on any topic and is an experienced digital writer for both US and international audiences.

Next Steps

Thank you for taking the time to review this proposal. Please come back to us with any questions, revisions or adjustments.

Anaya Mahesh


Phone 555-123-456


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