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Adwords PPC Services Overview Template

This Adwords PPC Services Overview template lets you create a beautiful document which showcases what you're capable of. Include images, video, spreadsheets and case studies to really make it pop.

Make a visual statement

Show what you can do

Include beautiful imagery, videos, audio files, social media posts and more to visually support all the services you can provide to your client.

Make a visual statement

Power of numbers

Embed spreadsheets, tables, flow charts and more to give your client all the data they need to make a decision when reviewing your Adwords PPC Services Overview.

Make a visual statement

Present it

Include powerful presentations from Slideshare that showcase your services and talents.


Personalise it

Hook Qwilr up to your CRM to personalise your services overview using data from Salesforce, Hubspot and more.

Make a visual statement

View it all any device

Responsive design works across mobile, tablet and desktop so you can be sure your services overview will look great on any device.

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Secure your information

Add password protection, time and view limits or user authentication to control who sees your services overview and when.

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Instant notifications

Switch on notifications so you are aware when someone opens your document.


Connect your analytics

Gaining deeper insights is simple when you connect your powerful analytics tools to Qwilr to give a true reading of how your services overview is performing.

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Share as a webpage

Assign a sub-domain to your Adwords PPC Services Overview to seamlessly share it from your website.

Make a visual statement

Stay on brand

Set up fonts, colours and logos to ensure your Adwords PPC Services Overview is on brand. And, you can save it all to use it again next time.

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