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Project Management Proposal Template

Start your project off right with Qwilr's project management proposal template. Helping you to win work, you can embed forms, presentations, spreadsheets, images and videos into the proposal.

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Get organised with timelines and calendars

Embed project timelines, calendars, spreadsheets and forms right into your proposal so you can launch faster and stay on track.

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Use images and videos to tell the story

Include full screen images, embed videos inline or add maps and flow to charts to convey how you'd like the project to work.

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Scope out the project with interactive quoting

With interactive pricing, you can scope out various projects, stages or include additional options in your proposal.


Looks great on any device

Share your project management proposal as a responsive webpage and leads will be able to view it on any desktop, tablet or mobile device. Or, if you prefer, you can opt to download it as a PDF for sharing the old school way.

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Be in the know

With notifications that can be received via email, Slack, Hipchat or a multitude of other messaging platforms, you'll know when your client has opened your project management proposal.

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Keep it tight with user controls

Turn on user identification, time limits and view limits, plus add password protection so you can lock down your proposal.

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Live Q&A

Answer questions when they're being asked with the Live Chat integrations.


Simple signoff

With one click of the accept button, a client can accept your project management proposal and you can get started.

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Speedy signatures

Digital signatures mean faster approvals and with a full audit trail available, it's fully compliant with eSignature laws.

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Secure payments

Whether you need to collect a deposit, part payment of full charge for the project, use Qwilr's Stripe integration so clients can securely pay via credit card right in the proposal.

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Link directly to Xero or Quickbooks

With a deep integration to your accounting software, you can create automatically draft invoices from your accepted proposals, and save yourself the manual data entry.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I generate project management proposal from my CRM software?

Yes! Qwilr integrates with Salesforce & Hubspot CRM. With these integrations enabled, you can automatically create personalised proposals right from within your CRM using the information (like name, company name, etc) you have about the lead.

On top of this, when a lead views & accepts a proposal you can see that as Activity in your chosen CRM.

Can I integrate my project management proposal with my accounting software?

Yes! Qwilr integrates with all major online accounting software, including Quickbooks, Xero & Freshbooks. When a new proposal is accepted, a draft invoice will automatically be created in your chosen accounting software complete with all the item & pricing detail from the proposal. When you’re ready to invoice the client, you simply go in and click send!

Can I add Live Chat to my project management proposal?

Absolutely! Qwilr integrates with major live chat platforms such as Intercom, which allows your sales team to chat directly with your sales prospects and in real-time answer any questions they might have.

How do I see what content people engaged with in my project management proposal?

Sending your project management proposal as a webpage also means that you get detailed analytics that empower you to decide how to follow up with your prospect.

From when the prospect viewed your proposal to how long a lead has interacted with your proposal, Qwilr captures all this data to help you plan your follow-up calls and emails.

How do I know when people view my project management proposal?

All salespeople know that timing is essential when nurturing a sales prospect, which is why Qwilr sends you a notification once a lead has viewed your proposal, letting you time your follow-up email perfectly. You can choose to receive your notification via communication platforms like Slack or your CRM like SalesForce and more!

Can prospects pay for services through my project management proposal?

Absolutely. Qwilr understands all the various steps involved in executing a seamless sales process for prospects, from the proposal to pricing, contracts and payment.

With that, our software lets prospects securely enter their credit card details into a payment feature in-built into the form.

And, once the payment has been debited from the client’s account, you’ll receive the money within a few days!

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