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Nonprofit Donation Information Template

With Qwilr's nonprofit donation information template, you can help boost your organization's profile and bank balance.

Make a visual statement

Visual storytelling

Include full screen images and embed videos to show what your nonprofit does.

Make a visual statement

Embed spreadsheets and charts

Show how you're spending donations or what you've achieved by embedding spreadsheets and charts into your awareness and donation information document.

Make a visual statement

Include forms

Register interest or get feedback while someone is reading your awareness and donation information document by embedding forms right into the document.


Personalize it

Connect Qwilr to your CRM platform, including Salesforce or HubSpot, to use your data to create a personalized awareness and donation information document.

Make a visual statement

Responsive design

Be sure your nonprofit's donation information document looks great across mobile, tablet and desktop with responsive design.

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Share as a webpage

Simple sharing features like sending your document as a link that's integrated with your website or even as a PDF.

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Live chat

Turning on the live chat feature means you can field questions from potential donors as they're reviewing your document.


Built in notifications

Get notified via email or in your chat platform when people open your document so you know when to follow up.

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Learn what works

Qwilr's analytics enable you to see who's viewed your document, when, for how long and what content they engaged with so you can gain a better understanding of what has cut through and what should just be cut.

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Trigger retargeting ads

Use your awareness and donation information document as a trigger to set off retargeting ads as a way of boosting awareness.

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Donate instantly

You can include payment features in the document so people can use their credit card securely to send a donation to your nonprofit.

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