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Nonprofit Awareness Fact Sheet Template

Qwilr's nonprofit awareness fact sheet template helps you communicate what your organization is trying to achieve in a beautifully designed way.

Make a visual statement

More than words

Include beautiful imagery and engaging video to better tell your nonprofit's story and boost awareness for the important work that you do.

Make a visual statement

Charts, numbers and more

Simply embed spreadsheets, flow charts and presentations to your fact sheet to provide a full view of what your organization is trying to achieve.

Make a visual statement

Get feedback

Embed forms to get feedback or register interest in your nonprofit right in the factsheet.


View it across all devices

Responsive design means your fact sheet can be viewed across mobile, tablet or desktop.

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Know who's read it

Add user authentication, using either Google or Facebook accounts when wanting to view your factsheet, so you know who's seen it.

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Answer questions on the spot

Turning on the Live Chat feature means people can ask questions while they're reviewing your awareness fact sheet.

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Seamless notifications

Notifications for when someone views your proposal can be received via email or over a multitude of chat platforms including Slack, HipChat and Yammer.


Deep insights

Use Qwilr's analytics to understand who's viewed your document for how long and at what time. You can also see what content they engaged with most and more.

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Use your own analytics

Connect your own tools, including Google Analytics, Mipanel and Hotjar, to give you deeper insights into how your awareness fact sheet is performing.

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Turn on retargeting ads

Take awareness to the next level by using your fact sheet as a trigger, turning on retargeting ads so you stay front of mind.

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