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Marketing Brochure Template

Tell a compelling story about your business with Qwilr’s marketing brochure template. Embed full size images, videos, social media posts and more into your brochure with the simple editor and get notified when clients view it.

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Use images and videos to tell your story

With a simple editor, creating your marketing brochure template is easy. You can include beautiful images, captivating videos and presentations to really showcase what you're capable of.

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Embed data tables and spreadsheets beautifully

Showcase the capabilities of your brand with data tables, spreadsheets and more, all seamlessly embedded into the Qwilr marketing brochure template.

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Be on brand

Setup your brand styles, including fonts, colours, logos and more so that your marketing brochure matches your brand perfectly. Best of all, you can save it all to use again and again.


Looks great every time

Using beautiful responsive design techniques, clients can view your Marketing Brochure on any device, regardless of size or operating system.

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Perception is reality

Stay on brand and assign a sub-domain (i.e. to your Qwilr account to make your marketing brochure look like it's a seamless extension of your website.

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Continuous improvement

Integrate analytics platforms like Google Analytics, Mixpanel or Hotjar to garner a deeper understanding into what parts of your brochure are the most engaging so you can iterate to do better each time you update it.

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No cold calls

With notifications, you'll know when prospective clients interact with your proposal so you know when to follow-up.


Get notified instantly

Be the first to know when potential clients view your marketing brochure and see detailed analytics on what they viewed and how long for.

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Knowledge is power

See how many times your marketing brochure has been viewed, where from, what content was most viewed, etc with our deep analytics.

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Start a conversation

Use live chat so your prospective clients can ask questions when they're checking out your marketing brochure.

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See all interactions in your CRM

See when clients view your marketing brochure as activity against their record in your CRM. Works with Salesforce, HubSpot, Pipedrive, Dynamics & more.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of content can I add to my marketing brochure?

Because Qwilr creates beautiful, responsive webpages rather than static PDF documents, you can add all sorts of dynamic content. You can add videos from Vimeo, YouTube and more and your clients can watch them right there in the proposal, you can embed Google Maps, spreadsheets, and other apps. Furthermore, one of Qwilr’s flagship features is our interactive quote block. You can use it to outline the price of your services, and certain items can be made optional or have varying quantities, and the client can turn them on or off and see what the pricing would be like. This is great for adding extra upsells and increasing the amount of revenue generated per client.

Can I add pricing to my marketing brochure?

Yes! Qwilr includes the ability to add interactive pricing tables to your proposals. In these tables, you can add prices for services on an hourly, fixed or recurring basis. You can group various services together (I.e. all meetings) and even allow certain services to be optional. Qwilr’s pricing tables are dynamic, so if a prospect was to select one of your optional extra services the price is updated real time, and when they accept and sign the proposal they’ll be accepting and signing for the increased total price.

How can I make my marketing brochure match my brand?

Qwilr’s built-in brand editor allows you input your brand colors, fonts, etc and they’ll automatically be applied to your proposals and documents, ensuring your marketing brochure is a beautiful reflection of your brand.

Will my marketing brochure look good on mobile & tablet devices?

When you build your marketing brochure using Qwilr and share it as a webpage, it will look good on any mobile, tablet or desktop device. That’s because Qwilr uses responsive design to detect what device the person is viewing it on and then scale the content of your document up and down to match. This only works if you share it as a webpage though. If you choose to create your marketing brochure in Qwilr, download it as a PDF and email it to someone, it won’t look good on mobile devices as PDFs are not responsive.

How can I protect my marketing brochure?

Qwilr comes with numerous options to protect your marketing brochure from falling into the wrong hands. You can add password protections, view limits (I.e. It can’t be viewed more than 5 times) and time limits (I.e. it’s no longer available to be viewed after a certain date). You can even require people to authenticate themselves using their Google or LinkedIn accounts in order to see it.

Can prospects sign my marketing brochure digitally?

Qwilr comes with built-in digital signature functionality that allows your prospect to accept and sign your marketing brochure online. No longer do you need to upload PDF documents into tools like DocuSign. With Qwilr, you get everything you need in one place for one low price.

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