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Customer Onboarding Plan Template

Guide your customers through onboarding with a personalized, and interactive customer onboarding plan.

About this template

This template is for customer success managers wanting to automate aspects of the onboarding journey. CSM’s spend a great deal of time developing training material and sharing them with customers. This Qwilr template makes onboarding and training customers simple and interactive. Customer success teams can create one onboarding template that’s always up to date, and personalize it for each and every customer, while keeping it consistent and repeatable. Instead of sending multiple attachments strewn across email chains, success managers can send one URL and continually update the page as training and onboarding progresses. Move your team into a modern onboarding approach with Qwilr’s interactive templates, built for the web.

How to use this template

  • Customer success managers can create a home for training and set up information
  • Build a 90-day plan into the template to guide customers through their journey post sale
  • Use the plan to get buy-in from stakeholders and create transparency and trust throughout the onboarding process
  • Embed easy links and references so customers know where to go for information
  • Keep the summary and discussion points in one place and always up to date
  • Connect with common CRMs (Salesforce and Hubspot) to generate a personalized implementation automatically for every customer
  • Communicate the key point of contact and how customers can reach you

What's in this template?

  • Personal welcome intro
  • Training summary with video recordings
  • Resources to get set up
  • Calendly embedded schedule link
  • Helpful links for customers
  • Contact information

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