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Consulting Agreement Template

With Qwilr's consulting agreement template, you can quickly create agreements that close deals. You can embed videos, calendars and images to help showcase your capabilities and get notifed the moment a client views your agreement.

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Include interactive pricing

With interactive quoting you can give a clearer idea of how much different parts of a job will cost. This adds a layer of transparency to your agreement and can help you generate additional revenue with extra services or options.

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Include presentations, slides and more

Include maps, images, InVision prototypes and more to showcase your previous work to future clients.

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Save it all to use again next time

Reduce the time it takes to compile these agreements by saving it and re-using next time.


Looks great on every device

The consulting agreement uses responsive design so it looks great on any device. You can share it as a webpage so it fits seamlessly with your brand. Or you can download it as a PDF if that's more your thing.

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Secure your agreement with password protection

Add user authentification, time and view limits so you can control who sees your consulting agreement and for how long.

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Get notified when your agreement is opened

Receive notifications in Slack, Hipchat, via email or on multiple other messaging platforms when your client opens your agreement so you know when to follow up to secure the job.

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Gain valuable insights

With the ability to integrate your own analytics tools, or use some of Qwilr's features, you can understand how your clients engage with your agreements so you can continuously improve them to gain more work.


Get signoff quicker with digital signatures

No more printing, signing and scanning. Digital signatures mean you can get your consulting agreements signed off faster.

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Full audit history

With one-click online job signoff and full audit history, Qwilr is compliant with eSignature requirements.

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Faster payment options

Stripe is integrated right into the agreement template so your client can securely pay by credit card as soon as they signoff.

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Cut out the data entry

Connecting straight into your accounting software, once an agreement is accepted a draft invoice can be automatically generated.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a consulting agreement?

This consulting agreement has been designed to help your sales team land consulting clients and work. Qwilr can be easily integrated with most major CRM systems so that pricing and other important data can be centralised in one place, minimising human error, saving time and increasing your team’s efficiency. Upon sending your proposal, Qwilr helps gather detailed actionable insights for your team so you can understand how your leads are interacting with the proposal sent. And, once your lead is ready to sign, they can choose the service package they’re after, e-sign and pay all in one go.

Why use Qwilr to create a consulting agreement?

Qwilr is proposal software that simplifies the sales process for your team. With the help of Qwilr, your team can establish the pieces of collateral that you want to apply to every sales proposal while customising components that you would like tailored for every individual customer. Qwilr also seamlessly integrates with your CRM system, so your customers can get interactive pricing through a beautifully designed and interactive proposal. Detailed analytics on how leads interact with your proposal are also provided, giving your team invaluable insights on how to optimise your pitches. And, once the client is ready to sign, they can do so by selecting the sales package they want through the e-proposal sent, sign and pay all in one go and all through any one device.

Can I integrate my consulting agreement with my accounting software?

Yes! Qwilr works directly with the major industry accounting software platforms so that once your sales prospect accepts the proposal, an invoice is automatically created and drafted in the major accounting platform of your choice. The information in the final proposal accepted by the client will also already be inputted in the invoice. So now, all you have to do is to send it off!

What kind of content can I add to my consulting agreement?

Qwilr gives your sales proposal the much-needed makeover that traditional, static PDF proposals have needed for years. From interactive Google Map embeds to pricing blocks that let customers add and remove service items as they please, with Qwilr, you can really set your proposal apart from your competitors and maximise your company’s sales conversions.

Can I add pricing to my consulting agreement?

Yes! Qwilr takes your sales proposals up a notch and helps you set yourselves apart from your competitors by providing your leads and prospects with beautiful and compelling proposals. One flagship feature of our proposals is our interactive pricing tables that let prospects make desired modifications to the service offering on their end within the parameters your company has set. So, whether you have created an add-on service or want to give clients the ability to group service items together, you can do so all through Qwilr. And, once your lead is ready, they can select the package they’re after, sign and pay all in one flow and through any device.

How can I make my consulting agreement match my brand?

The brand editor in our sales proposal software lets you input the company branding elements that you want to have shown on every sales proposal sent. This includes company colors, logos, fonts, which lets you streamline the proposal creation phase while maintaining consistent visual branding and collateral.

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