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Consulting Report Template

Create personalised reports with Qwilr's consulting report template. Embed spreadsheets, data tables, maps and more to showcase your report findings.

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A picture tells a thousand words

Showcase your findings visually using Qwilr’s simple consulting report template editor. Embed videos, full screen images, maps, prototypes and more to help clients see your solutions.

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Back it up with data

Embed spreadsheets, data tables, flow charts and more to provide your client with all the data and information they need.

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Reduce hassle, reuse and recycle

Save your personalised consulting report template to use again next time so you're not reinventing the wheel each instance you need to send one.


Share as a webpage, or download as a PDF

Share your consulting report as a beautiful webpage or download it as a PDF for sharing the old fashioned way.

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Looks great on all devices

Share your consulting report as a responsive webpage and clients will be able to view it on any desktop, tablet or mobile device. With responsive design, it will look amazing on any device.

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Secure your findings

Use our password, time limit, view limit and user authentication to control who can see your reports. You can also receive notifications when your client opens, views and interacts with your report.

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Q&As on the spot

Enable live chat so clients can ask questions while reviewing your report, and you can answer them on the spot.


Know when and how your report is viewed

With notifications and analytics, you'll know exactly when your client opens your report, what content they view and more.

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Get instant notifications

Receive notifications in Slack, Hipchat, via email or on multiple other messaging platforms when your client opens your consulting report so you know when to follow up.

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See detailed analytics

Analytics allow you to see who has viewed your document, when, for how long, what content they engaged with and more so you can continue to create inspiring reports for your clients.

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Connect your own tools

Add 3rd party analytics tools like Google Analytics, Hotjar, FullStory, Mixpanel and more to get detailed analytics on how people are consuming your report, including heatmaps, clickmaps and even full video recordings of how your report is viewed.

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