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Consulting Report Template
A picture tells a thousand words

A picture tells a thousand words

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Back it up with data

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Reduce hassle, reuse and recycle

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Project Wrap Report



Logistics Review and Solution Implementation

Job No. 1-9763


December 3rd, 2026 | Prepared by Compass Consulting.


Through a heavy research phase and significant technology consultation and testing, we implemented a real-time truck tracking system that connected your central logistics center with your entire fleet. It enabled you to redirect trucks to other sites and reduce wasted deliveries. It also put power in the hands of your drivers by ensuring they always had the most up-to-date information available.

This project resulted in a 33% drop in wastage

Scope Of Work

Research and Business Mapping

  • Employee and partner interviews
  • Solution research and testing

Solutions Implementation

  • Project management
  • Development of modern and efficient CRM system
  • Employee training partnering with technology providers
  • Implementing daily reporting procedures
  • Crisis planning

Research and Business Mapping

We interviewed your employees from all over the business, both new and old, to uncover their insider knowledge of your operation, the concrete industry, construction in chicago and how they thought things could be improved. We always think listening to staff is so important.

We then tested a variety of technological options that would meet your needs that were reliable and easy to use with low TCO. We found that providing your drivers with smartphones with a custom-web interface and access to certain G Suite productivity apps gave them the information they needed to get the job done.

Solutions Implementation

We helped you organise your customer contact and delivery address details databases and move them to a modern cloud platform. They are now, up to date, easily editable and sharable with drivers and third-parties.

We trained your staff in new reporting procedures to get the most out of the new system. We also added procedure for when things go wrong, but we’re positive that with our help Jungle Concrete will be a much smoother operation.





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