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Mutual Action Plan Template

Guide your buyers through the sales process with an interactive mutual action plan, and create delightful buying experiences.

About this template

A mutual action plan is a framework to help sales teams anticipate and address buyer pain points. It’s a strategic tool that help sales reps collaborate with buyers and speeds up the sales cycle. A MAP ensures the selling team is aligned with the outcomes of the customer and major milestones are tracked and accomplished.

They’re also a great tool to drive consistency and create an impressive buying experience. B2B purchases are complex and it’s difficult for buyers to navigate all the steps required, and effectively champion the sale internally. That’s why deals need collaboration, and a mutual action plan to move it forward.

Most sales teams use spreadsheets for this today (eek), but at Qwilr we advocate that the buyer needs to be impressed at every stage of their journey. By making the mutual action plan into a Qwilr document, your buyer can interact and revisit the same link over and over and see a history of what you’ve discussed, without needing to find an email and attachment.

How to use this template

  • Collaborate with buyers and guide them through the process with a mutual plan
  • Create a consistent process for every rep to follow that encourages buyers to interact, and provides an amazing experience for everyone involved
  • Sales leaders build a repeatable process with MAP templates and buyer engagement analytics to track who is viewing the page
  • Connects with common CRMs (Salesforce and Hubspot) to generate a personalized mutual action plan for every buyer
  • Establish trust with buyers by keeping everyone aligned around key actions and dates
  • Organize the buying team in one single location that’s always kept up to date
  • Communicate your value proposition with customer case studies, explainers, videos and more.

What's in this template?

  • Executive summary
  • Project overview
  • Success criteria
  • Timing & milestones
  • Demo recordings
  • Summary of previous calls
  • Customer case studies
  • Investment $$
  • ROI calculator
  • Customer testimonial
  • Case studies

Qwilr Features

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