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Adwords PPC Case Study Template

Build a beautiful Adwords PPC case study using Qwilr's specialized template. You can embed images, spreadsheets, charts, data tables and more to showcase your results and win more business.

Make a visual statement

Clearly position your results

Communicate your previous wins using the Adwords PPC case study template. You can insert beautiful imagery, video, social posts and more.

Make a visual statement

Show your wins

Embed spreadsheets, charts and data tables to clearly show the impact your previous campaigns have had.

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Build your brand

Set up brand styles, fonts and colors so that your Adwords PPC Case Study matches your brand perfectly. And, you can save it all and use it again next time.


Designed to work on the go

With Qwilr's responsive design, your Adwords PPC case study will look great across all devices - mobile, tablet or desktop.

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Seamless sharing

Share your case study as a webpage or download it to send as a PDF. It's up to you!

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Let's talk

Add live chat so people can ask questions while they're reviewing your case study.

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Be in the know

Switch on notifications when people view your case study so you know when to follow up.


Use your own tools

You have the option to connect your own powerful analytic tools like Google Analytics or Hotjar to give you deeper insights into how your case study is performing.

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Turn on retargeting ads

Take awareness to the next level by using your case study as a trigger, turning on retargeting ads so you stay front of mind.

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Understand what works

Qwilr's analytics enable you to see who's viewed your case study, when, for how long and what content they engaged with so you can gain a better understanding of what has cut through and what should just be cut.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of content can I add to my adwords PPC case study?

You can add all sorts of content to your Qwilr sales proposals and documents; whether that’s your portfolio or a Vimeo embed featuring a testimonial and case study, our proposals help you create a proposal that really hits home. One of our flagship features is our interactive pricing embeds, which lets clients add/remove service items and add-ons. This helps clearly convey your company’s service offerings and value proposition, all the while providing your lead with the optimal sales experience.

Can I add pricing to my adwords PPC case study?

Of course! Qwilr gives your company the ability to include and present interactive pricing data to your prospect so that your service offering and pricing structure are both clearly conveyed. Your lead has the freedom to interact with the pricing table, making modifications such as grouping services together or adding/removing service items, saving your sales team time and unnecessary back-and-forth. On top of that, once your lead is ready to sign after making adjustments to the pricing table, your team can rest assured that Qwilr’s software will update the pricing in real-time, meaning that as the customer makes changes, the prices will change automatically. And once they’re ready to sign, they can do so all in one go, from the same device.

How can I make my adwords PPC case study match my brand?

Qwilr’s proposal software features a brand editor that allows your team to add company branding assets to be used across all sales proposals and documents sent out to leads. With this editor, you can insert company colors, logos, fonts, images, allowing you to maintain consistent branding across all documents while altering the necessary components and details for specific clients.

Will my adwords PPC case study look good on mobile & tablet devices?

With Qwilr, when you send your proposal and documents to your prospects as a webpage, you can rest assured they are viewing a design optimised proposal on any device they're reading off. This is because our software uses design responsive elements to detect what device your prospects are reading on and adjust the document accordingly.

Can prospects pay for services through my adwords PPC case study?

Yes! Sales leads can pay for the services they want on the very same proposal they learned about your services. We understand the need for a seamless, integrated experience for both your sales team and a potential client, so all the prospect needs to do is enter their credit card details into the secure in-built payment feature of Qwilr. Once their card is debited, you’ll receive your payment within a few days.

How do I know when people view my adwords PPC case study?

With Qwilr's proposal software, you can be notified the moment that your lead views your case study, allowing you to send your follow-up responses at the perfect time. These notifications can be sent to you in various ways, such as through HipChat, Microsoft Teams, Salesforce Chatter or Slack. Qwilr integrates and works with all major communication channels and CRM systems so you can choose to receive notifications however you want.

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