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Why does the real estate industry love Qwilr?

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Updated Mar 5, 2019
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Qwilr is popular in many industries, from solar to PR to video, but one stands out among the rest: Real Estate.

Whether it’s small firms in the American Midwest, or large companies like CBRE and Zillow, Qwilr is used by real estate professionals across the globe. And that got me thinking, Why? Why is Qwilr a great fit for Real Estate? Rather than guessing myself, I reached out to one of the many real estate firms actively using Qwilr to see what they had to say.

Enter Trent Michels from Commercial Carolina:

Why Use Qwilr? Digital professionalism. The world of Commercial Real Estate revolves around the development and curation of the American Dream. Tenant brokers, developers, architects; from the most senior director to the newest assistant, our careers are built upon our ability to present ourselves, our clients, and most importantly, ideas, in the most vivid way possible.

Qwilr is an amazing platform for our firm because it allows for us to effectively engage our wide range of clients with a digital pitch deck or memorandum that is visually appealing and easy to follow. Providing us the ability to embed google maps, excel sheets, and other important documents allows for us to address all our clients concerns and thoughts in a flawless flow provided by the Qwilr platform. The utilization of Qwilr provides you the ability to show people what is possible and encourages confidence in the presenter that they will deliver.

Trent is right. Real estate—and perhaps sales broadly—is all about being able to paint your ideas in the most vivid way possible. It’s like one of those old self-help books from the 80s; visualize, then actualize. That’s why you paint, light, and even furnish homes when selling, so prospects can easily imagine themselves living there. At Qwilr, we make visualization easy, take a look at our template library and see for yourself. Qwilr might not be able to turn a lemon into a diamond, but it sure can make it shine like one.

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But visualization isn’t enough. If you’re going to move your company from the comfortable but cumbersome world of PDFs to the web-based proposals of the future, you deserve more. In Trent’s case, he used Qwilr to embed Google Sheets so the numbers in his proposals are always up to date. But this is just scratching the surface of what Qwilr can do. Want to integrate Qwilr with your CRM or real estate website platform so you can generate hundreds of custom proposals in minutes? Done. Need to cut down on the time it takes your sales team to generate stunning proposals? Easy. Want to collect e-sign and capture payment all within one proposal? No problem.

But in the end, all of this is a lot of talk. I’m a big fan of action. My suggestion? Start your free trial today.