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Travel Agency Brochure Template

Grab a modern traveler’s attention with an inspirational but customizable Qwilr Travel Agency Brochure template. Insert your own business details and watch the bookings come in. Who needs a creative agency when you have Qwilr?

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Ready to download and use now

Qwilr's free travel agency brochure template sells any destination, and has the added bonus of free stock images and videos to bring it to life.

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Paint the picture

A Qwilr Page URL created with our Travel Agency Brochure template will bring your travel offer to life in a way your customers can't resist.

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Travel inspiration

Qwilr offers beautifully customizable travel brochure templates which can be used as graphics, brochures, shareable URLs and more. Bring the beauty of travel to life with a Qwilr travel agency brochure template.


Promote the benefits

Promote your unique offering with a Qwilr template which can be saved and re-used again and again to promote locations, tours, travel deals and more.

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Dreamy destination marketing

Our template will jumpstart messaging and promotions for any travel, tourism, hotel or destination business. It’s easy and beautiful.

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Simple to start

Make an amazing travel brochure for free with a our Travel Agency Brochure template, complete with professional copy templates you can tailor to your unique offer.

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Easy multi-channel marketing

Qwilr templates save a tonne of trouble and time fussing around with designers and copywriters. Just customize our professional template with your unique details and start sharing on social media, via email or on your website.


Real people add cred

Embed quotes and reviews from real people who have experienced your destination into the Qwilr customisable template. Using photos or a signature from a real person also adds credibility to the endorsement.

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Awesome analytics

A Qwilr page has detailed analytics on what has been viewed and for how long, so you can track and modify your travel agency brochure offer over time.

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Picture perfect

Powerful visuals that show off a destination are the key to converting dreamers into customers. Use Qwilr’s beautiful stock imagery or add your own images to our easy templates.

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Showcase all your work

Embed all your videos and images from past tours or marketing pages to create a Travel Agency showcase using Qwilr's templates.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why use Qwilr to create a travel agency brochure?

Qwilr is proposal software that simplifies the sales process for your team. With the help of Qwilr, your team can establish the pieces of collateral that you want to apply to every sales proposal while customising components that you would like tailored for every individual customer. Qwilr also seamlessly integrates with your CRM system, so your customers can get interactive pricing through a beautifully designed and interactive proposal. Detailed analytics on how leads interact with your proposal are also provided, giving your team invaluable insights on how to optimise your pitches. And, once the client is ready to sign, they can do so by selecting the sales package they want through the e-proposal sent, sign and pay all in one go and all through any one device.

What kind of content can I add to my travel agency brochure?

Qwilr gives your sales proposal the much-needed makeover that traditional, static PDF proposals have needed for years. From interactive Google Map embeds to pricing blocks that let customers add and remove service items as they please, with Qwilr, you can really set your proposal apart from your competitors and maximise your company’s sales conversions.

Can I add pricing to my travel agency brochure?

Yes! Qwilr takes your travel agency brochures up a notch and helps you set yourselves apart from your competitors by providing your leads and prospects with beautiful and compelling brochures. One flagship feature of our brochures is our interactive pricing tables that let prospects make desired modifications to the service offering on their end within the parameters your company has set. So, whether you have created an add-on service or want to give clients the ability to group service items together, you can do so all through Qwilr. And, once your lead is ready, they can select the package they’re after, sign and pay all in one flow and through any device.

How can I make my travel agency brochure match my brand?

The brand editor in our sales proposal software lets you input the company branding elements that you want to have shown on every sales proposal sent. This includes company colors, logos, fonts, which lets you streamline the proposal creation phase while maintaining consistent visual branding and collateral.

Will my travel agency brochure look good on mobile & tablet devices?

Qwilr-built sales proposals are optimised for any device your leads read it on, whether that’s a phone, tablet or laptop. This is because our software automatically detects the device your lead is accessing the proposal from and adjusts the design accordingly. However, please note that this is only if you share your sales proposal with your lead as a webpage, rather than downloading and sending it as a static PDF file.

How do I know when people view my travel agency brochure?

When your sales prospect views your brochure, you can be notified through any major platform you choose. Whether that’s Slack or HipChat, Qwilr gives you the data you need to maximise the chances of converting your lead into a client.

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