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Travel Agency Brochure Template
Ready to download and use now

Ready to download and use now

Qwilr's free travel agency brochure template sells any destination, and has the added bonus of free stock images and videos to bring it to life.

Paint the picture

Paint the picture

A Qwilr Page URL created with our Travel Agency Brochure template will bring your travel offer to life in a way your customers can't resist.

Travel inspiration

Travel inspiration

Qwilr offers beautifully customizable travel brochure templates which can be used as graphics, brochures, shareable URLs and more. Bring the beauty of travel to life with a Qwilr travel agency brochure template.

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It’s time to visit:

Dramatically different Cape Town

On the southern west tip of Africa lies Cape Town, a scenic city which is also dangerously seductive.

Cape Town is rarely high on most tourists must-visit list, as it has one of the world’s highest murder rates. It also famously suffered a crippling drought, with authorities asking tourists to stop flushing their hotel toilets to save water.

But it’s well worth looking under the hood to see the conundrums, craziness and beauty that makes this city tick.

About Cape Town

Cape Town is the oldest city in South Africa, set on a peninsula beneath the imposing Table Mountain.

It’s sometimes called Mother City, as it was the first big city of Africa by virtue of being a prime stop on the sailing routes between Asia and Europe.

It’s one of Africa’s most culturally diverse cities, with influences by Zulu, Xhosa, and other African tribes, as well as the Portuguese, Dutch, British, German, French, and Indonesian settlers.

The Food

The food offering ranges from cheap street food through to high end restaurants that rival those in any European capital.  

Go Wild Africa can take you to the local fresh food market to sample traditional street fare.  

The Shopping

Go Wild Africa Cape Town stopovers can include escorted trips to the city’s high end shopping districts.  We also embrace fair trade deals with local artisans and craftspeople.

Best Time to Go

Cape Town has a temperate climate and is great to visit all year round. A beach holiday from late January to late April, the tail end of the city's dry summer months, makes a great pit stop if you’ve been on safari.

Where to Stay

We accommodate our travelers in mid-range Cape Town hotels but can also take you to five-star luxury villas. Just ask, and we can organize anything.

Freddy Blue | Hawaii, 2017

“I run my own shoe shop so the chance to go behind the scenes to watch Cape Town’s cobblers make boots before my very eyes was amazing. It really is a unique city that blew me away...”

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