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Commercial Real Estate Submission Template

Qwilr's commercial real estate submission template helps you put your best foot forward so you can list more properties.

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Take a multi-media approach

Use Qwilr's simple edit tool to embed full screen images and videos inline so you can show a prospective vendor why they should list with you.

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Talk numbers

With the ability to embed spreadsheets and calendars, you can start to show your prospective vendor what they can expect to get for their property and what the outlays might be.

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Personalize your submission

Use data from your Salesforce or HubSpot CRM to create tailored commercial real estate submissions.


Stay on brand

Setup your brand styles, including fonts, colors, logos and more so your commercial real estate submission perfectly matches your brand.

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Share seamlessly

Share your commercial real estate submission simply as a webpage. You can even assign a sub-domain to it so it integrates with your website and brand.

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Designed for all devices

Responsive design means you can be confident your submission will look great on all devices.

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Real time notifications

Set up notification so you can see when people have viewed your submission and follow up in a timely fashion.


Detailed insights

With analytics showing who's viewed your submission, for how long and what content was most engaged with, you can start to iterate your documents to be more effective.

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Save and use it again

Once you've set up your template, you can save it to use again next time.

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Real time communications

With the live chat feature, your prospective clients can ask you questions while they're reviewing the submission document.

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Simple acceptance

If your clients are happy with what they see, they can accept your submission with the simple one-click accept button and digital signature feature.

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