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Commercial Real Estate Research Presentation Template

Use Qwilr's commercial real estate research template to provide a beautiful summary of how your local market is performing.

Make a visual statement

Include images and videos

By embedding videos inline, full screen images and using Google Street view, you can tell a strong, visual story.

Make a visual statement

Add in the numbers

Embed spreadsheets, tables and more to give readers the full rundown.

Make a visual statement

Embed maps and street views

Include Google Maps and Google Street Views right in your presentation so your audience can understand where your commerical real estate research is including.


Beautiful on any device

Use Qwilr to share your commercial real estate research presentation as a responsive webpage that looks great on any device. Or, if you'd prefer, download it as a PDF for sharing.

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Switch on notifications

Know when your research presentation has been opened and what's been viewed with integrated notifications and analytics.

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Lock it down

Don't want everyone to see your research presentation? Turn on password protection, view and time limits, or user authentication to ensure only the right people view it.

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Trigger retargeting ads

Once someone has viewed your research presentation you can target them with ads for case studies to help boost their engagement with your agency.


Answer questions when they arise

Live chat means you can answer questions as they come up.

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Save it for reuse

Cut the amount of time you spend creating research presentations by saving your document and using it again next time.

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Get notified instantly

Receive notifications via email when your commercial real estate research presentation is viewed. Or, you can connect to get your notifications in Slack, HipChat, Yammer and more.

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View all interactions in your chosen CRM

Get a full history of your client's interactions with your presentation in the timeline view in Salesforce or HubSpot CRM.

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