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Commercial Real Estate Internal Report Template

With Qwilr's commercial real estate internal report template you can start to align your team with beautifully and simply communicated results.

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Add videos and images

Embed video updates, full-screen images or presentations to communicate how your agency is tracking.

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Get into the detail

With the ability to add spreadsheets and calendars you can start to map out how you're tracking and identify opportunities that might be coming up.

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Get social

Embed Tweets, Facebook or Linkedin posts to show what others are saying about you. You can also embed Google Street view to give your team a real sense of where a property is located.


Responsive design

Designed to work across mobile, tablets and desktop devices, your internal report will render nicely across your network.

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Secure your informaiton

Turn on password protection and add view or time limits, as well as user authentication so you can ensure your information is safe and secure.

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Know who knows

Switch on notifications so you can see who in your team has read the internal report.

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Seamless sharing

Ensure your internal report is on brand by setting up your brand style, including fonts and colours, and sharing it as an extension of your website by adding a sub-domain to your Qwilr account.


Get talking

Using the live chat feature, you can start to have conversations about the internal report in real time.

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Save it to use next time

Benchmark how you're tracking by saving your report to use again next month, quarter, financial year - or whenever makes sense for your business!

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Understand what your team is interested in

Adding analytics to your report, you can see what content was most engaged with and start to give your team more details.

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