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Newsletter Template

Qwilr's newsletter template will help you better engage your readers, clients and customers. Communicate better than ever by embedding all kinds of content and share it just about it anywhere to really speak to the breadth of your audience.

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Beautiful documents, made easy

Reimagine your old decks and PDFs and dream up creative and inspiring communications that look professional and are easy to create. Every personalized Qwilr Page generates a URL that you can send directly to clients or share across the web.

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Documents that won’t let you down

Communication with the outside world is the lifeblood of a business. Too often great opportunities are lost with poorly designed sales and marketing collateral. Create beautiful and personalized Qwilr Pages with speed to represent your best professional self and really impress.

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Repurpose your best work

Re-use your favorite sections in a single click or utilize your company’s templates to save time and scale. Why reinvent the wheel when it already exists? Our brand rules mean that everyone has the right fonts and colors at all times.


Perfect on every screen, so it can accepted anywhere

Qwilr Pages generate URLs, which means your newsletter will translate seamlessly to every device: whether it’s desktop, tablet, mobile, we go anywhere your business does.

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Qwilr Pages are secure and protected

Protect your document with passwords, time limits and view limits. Accidentally sent out a typo, or shared with the wrong person? You can disable the Qwilr quickly and easily.

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Easy, no-fuss sharing

While you have the option of downloading your newsletter as a PDF, sharing it as a Qwilr Page URL means you don’t need to worry about file size, compression or formatting. Share your URL across email, messaging or project management tools for easy internal feedback and external presentations.


Stop losing invaluable data

Your standard website has metrics, but your proposals rarely capture vital information that can help shape your business and strategy. Get deep insights into what’s making your business tick.

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Understand your clients better

Qwilr lets you track and analyze how your newsletter is browsed. Be notified when your document is first viewed, see how many times it was viewed and what sections your clients actually cared about.

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Dive deep into analytics

Integrate your Qwilr Page with a number of analytics tools to get a comprehensive view of your sales documents performance.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why use Qwilr to create a newsletter?

Qwilr is proposal software that simplifies the sales process for your team. With the help of Qwilr, your team can establish the pieces of collateral that you want to apply to every sales proposal while customising components that you would like tailored for every individual customer.

Qwilr also seamlessly integrates with your CRM system, so your customers can get interactive pricing through a beautifully designed and interactive proposal.

Detailed analytics on how leads interact with your proposal are also provided, giving your team invaluable insights on how to optimise your pitches.

And, once the client is ready to sign, they can do so by selecting the sales package they want through the e-proposal sent, sign and pay all in one go and all through any one device.

What kind of content can I add to my newsletter?

Qwilr gives your sales proposal the much-needed makeover that traditional, static PDF proposals have needed for years. From interactive Google Map embeds to pricing blocks that let customers add and remove service items as they please, with Qwilr, you can really set your proposal apart from your competitors and maximise your company’s sales conversions.

Can I add pricing to my newsletter?

Yes! Qwilr takes your newsletters up a notch and helps you set yourselves apart from your competitors by providing your leads and prospects with beautiful and compelling marketing material.

One flagship feature of our documents is our interactive pricing tables that let prospects make desired modifications to the service offering on their end within the parameters your company has set.

So, whether you have created an add-on service or want to give clients the ability to group service items together, you can do so all through Qwilr.

And, once your lead is ready, they can select the package they’re after, sign and pay all in one flow and through any device.

How can I make my newsletter match my brand?

The brand editor in our sales proposal software lets you input the company branding elements that you want to have shown on every newsletter sent.

This includes company colors, logos, fonts, which lets you streamline the newsletter creation phase while maintaining consistent visual branding and collateral.

Will my newsletter look good on mobile & tablet devices?

Qwilr-built sales proposals are optimised for any device your leads read it on, whether that’s a phone, tablet or laptop. This is because our software automatically detects the device your lead is accessing the newsletter from and adjusts the design accordingly.

However, please note that this is only if you share your newsletter with your lead as a webpage, rather than downloading and sending it as a static PDF file.

How can I protect my newsletter?

It is crucial that your company documents are protected and only accessed by the intended recipient(s), and we understand that.

So, with that in mind, Qwilr has developed a range of security features to help give you peace of mind after you share your newsletter.

From customisable password protections to document expiry dates, your team can make the necessary security adjustments that you need for every newsletter sent.

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