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Freelance Writing Proposal Template

Use Qwilr’s freelance writing proposal to create sophisticated proposals that impress clients and wins business. The simple editor allows you to embed full screen images, presentations, flow charts, calendars and more directly into your proposal, perfectly showcasing what you’re capable of.

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Visual narrative

Embed images, inline videos, flow charts and more to accompany your words and bring your freelance proposal to life.

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Price it right

Qwilr’s interactive pricing tool allows you to price out several package options depending on your clients needs. It can also be a great way to generate more revenue by adding an extra service they may not have thought of.

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On brand proposals every time

Qwilr’s fully customisable freelance writing proposal allows you to match your brand styles, fonts, and colours effortlessly. Best of all, you can save it down and reuse it again and again.


Share as a webpage

Make your proposal look like an extension of your website by adding a subdomain to it and sharing it as a webpage. You can also share it as a PDF if that's more your style.

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Intelligent design

Smart and good looking, the Qwilr freelance writing proposal design responds to any device and works across multiple operating systems.

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Keep it secure

Control who can access your freelance writing proposal by adding password protection, user authentication, view or time limits to your document.

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Open for discussion

Add live chat functionality to your freelance writing proposal so you can answer questions as they arise.


Accept in an instant

1-click job acceptance means you can get started on the work that needs to be done faster.

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Sign-off, stat

No more printing, scanning and emailing back documents, Qwilr has full digital signature functionality so you can improve proposal turnaround times.

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Work smarter, not harder

Integrating with accounting programs like Quickbooks or Xero, draft invoices can be created from accepted proposals in a flash.

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Instant payment options

Integrated, secure payment options in the proposal means clients can pay in full or part on the spot, using their credit card.

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