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Create and arm your sales team with our practical Sales Battlecards Template – help your team win more deals with competitor intelligence.

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Empower your sales team with our practical Sales Battlecards Template, designed to provide valuable competitor intelligence. This interactive template helps your team stay informed about rival offerings, enabling them to address prospect concerns and showcase your unique advantages.

With our user-friendly Battlecards Template, equip your sales reps with crucial insights that can help win more deals and give your business a competitive edge. Make a difference in your sales outcomes by providing essential knowledge and confidence to your sales force.

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About the author

Tania Clarke, Head of Product Marketing

Tania Clarke|Head of Product Marketing

Tania heads up product marketing at Qwilr – looking after positioning, sales enablement, competitor intelligence and more. Tania brings experience from former roles at high growth startups like Atlassian and Safety Culture.

Sales battlecards are an invaluable tool for any sales team. They provide a quick and easy reference for your team to use when they encounter objections or competitive threats. These small documents typically include key selling points, possible objections and responses, and insights into the competition's products or services.

One of the key benefits of sales battlecards is that they help your team stay focused and on message. By providing a clear set of talking points and responses, your team can avoid getting sidetracked or caught off guard by unexpected objections or questions.

Another benefit of sales battlecards is that they can help your team build confidence. When your team has a clear understanding of the product or service they are selling, as well as the competition, they are better equipped to handle objections and close deals.

But sales battlecards are not just useful for your sales team. They can also be a valuable resource for your marketing team. By understanding the objections and concerns that your sales team is encountering, your marketing team can develop more effective messaging and content that addresses these issues head-on.

In summary, sales battlecards are an essential tool for any sales team. They provide a quick and easy reference for your team to use when they encounter objections or competitive threats, help your team stay focused and on message, build confidence, and provide valuable insights for your marketing team.

Sales battlecards are an essential tool for any sales team, especially when competing against other businesses for a sale. They provide a quick and easy way to understand the competition's strengths and weaknesses, allowing your team to adjust their sales approach accordingly. However, there are other situations where sales battlecards can be useful as well.

One such situation is when your team is preparing for a sales meeting or phone call. Sales battlecards can help your team anticipate objections and difficult questions, allowing them to prepare effective responses in advance. This can be especially helpful when dealing with complex products or services that require a detailed understanding of the customer's needs.

Another situation where sales battlecards can be useful is when your team is trying to win back lost customers. In this case, battlecards can help your team understand why the customer left and what they are looking for in a new vendor. Armed with this information, your team can tailor their sales approach to meet the customer's needs and win back their business.

Finally, sales battlecards can be helpful for new sales reps who are still learning the ropes. By providing them with detailed information about the competition and common objections, battlecards can help new reps feel more confident and prepared when engaging with potential customers.

Qwilr's sales battlecard template provides several benefits, including:

  • Customizability: The template can be easily customized to fit your specific sales situation, including adding your own logo, colors, and content.
  • Accessibility: The template is available for free, so your team can access it from anywhere and at any time.
  • Efficiency: The template is designed to be easy to use, so your team can quickly create battlecards and focus on selling.

But wait, there's more! Here are some additional benefits of using Qwilr's sales battlecard template:


With a standardized template, your team can ensure that all battlecards have the same look and feel, making it easier for prospects to recognize your brand and understand your value proposition.


The template can be used for a variety of sales situations, from pitching to new prospects to preparing for a competitive battle. It can also be adapted for different industries and products.


Qwilr's sales battlecard template allows for easy collaboration among team members. Multiple people can work on a single battlecard, and changes are automatically saved and updated in real-time.


The template includes built-in analytics, so you can track how prospects are engaging with your battlecards. This information can help you refine your sales strategy and improve your messaging.

Overall, Qwilr's sales battlecard template is a powerful tool for any sales team looking to streamline their process and improve their results. Try it out today!

Qwilr's sales battlecard template is a powerful tool for any sales team looking to streamline their sales process. With this template, you'll be able to create a professional-looking battlecard that highlights the unique selling points of your product or service.

So, how do you use Qwilr's sales battlecard template? It's simple! Just follow these steps:

  1. To use this template, simply click the 'Use Template' button above.
  2. Customize the template to fit your needs by adding your own content and adjusting the design as necessary. This is where the real magic happens! Use the template as a starting point, but don't be afraid to make it your own. Add in your own text, images, and branding to make the battlecard truly reflect your company's unique personality.
  3. Save and export your battlecard as a PDF or share it directly with your team through Qwilr. Once you're happy with your battlecard, it's time to share it with the world! You can either save it as a PDF and distribute it via email or print, or you can share it directly with your team through Qwilr. Qwilr makes it easy to collaborate with your team and get feedback on your battlecard, so don't be afraid to use this feature!

Qwilr's sales battlecard template is just the beginning. With Qwilr, you can create a wide range of sales and marketing documents, from proposals to brochures to case studies. And because Qwilr is so easy to use, you'll be able to create these documents in a fraction of the time it would take using traditional tools.

So what are you waiting for? Give Qwilr's sales battlecard template a try today and see how it can help you close more deals, faster!

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Frequently asked questions

Battlecards are internal documents creating by marketing teams for sales reps to educate them on competitors products, services, GTM strategy, features, pricing and positioning. It’s typically a one page document sales reps can quickly reference during sales conversations to differentiate themselves in the buying process.

Competitor battlecards are the most common form of a sales battlecard. They’re designed to be a quick reference point for sales reps to learn facts, tactics, and information about competitors so they can win against them.

A sales enablement manager enables the sales team by building educational material, sales content and training. Often the role also manages a sales enablement tool.

Sales battlecards should include a company overview, feature comparison, GTM strategy, pricing, competitor positioning, when to engage and not engage. And, they should also include a quick differentiation statement to help sales reps differentiate themselves in the evaluation process.

Sales battlecards are usually created by a sales enablement team, marketers, or product marketers as internal documents that enable sales reps to close more competitive deals.

Sales enablement is a set of content, tools, and process to help sales teams sell better.