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Event Program Template

Create a beautiful event program with Qwilr's template. Include images, calendars, video and audio to add depth to your event program and give people a taste of what's to come.

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Give them a show

Include beautiful imagery, embed video or even audio from Soundcloud to give people a real idea of what the event is about.

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Map it out

Embed Google Maps or Street View to make it easy for delegates to find the event location.

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Plan your time

Include calendars, tables and flow charts to show what's going on at your event and when.


Register interest

Embed forms so people can register their interest or send feedback while they're reviewing your event program.

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Social events

Include social posts to up the hype level in your event program. You can embed straight from Twitter, Linkedin or Facebook.

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Works on all devices

Responsive design ensures your event program will work across mobile, tablets and desktop.

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Stay on theme

Set up your styles, logos, colours and fonts to stay on brand when creating your event program in Qwilr. And you can save it all to use next time.


Share it as a responsive webpage

Publish and share your event program as a responsive webpage that looks great on desktop, tablet and mobile, or download it as a PDF and send via email.

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Know the moment people view your event program

Receive a notification via email when your event program is viewed, or connect to Zapier to get notifications via SMS, Slack, Facebook Messenger and more.

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View all interactions in your chosen CRM

Get a full history of your delegates' interactions with your program in the timeline view in Salesforce or HubSpot CRM.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can prospects sign my event program digitally?

With Qwilr, we understand the need to keep everything in one place so that your team and your clients aren’t dealing with multiple platforms.

With that, we have created a built-in digital signature feature, which allows your lead (and soon-to-be client!) to choose the service package they’re after, accept and sign your sales proposal online.

Can prospects pay for services through my event program?

Absolutely. Qwilr understands all the various steps involved in executing a seamless sales process for prospects, from the proposal to pricing, contracts and payment.

With that, our software lets prospects securely enter their credit card details into a payment feature in-built into the form.

And, once the payment has been debited from the client’s account, you’ll receive the money within a few days!

How do I know when people view my event program?

All salespeople know that timing is essential when nurturing a sales prospect, which is why Qwilr sends you a notification once a lead has viewed your proposal, letting you time your follow-up email perfectly. You can choose to receive your notification via communication platforms like Slack or your CRM like SalesForce and more!

How do I see what content people engaged with in my event program?

Sending your event program as a webpage also means that you get detailed analytics that empower you to decide how to follow up with your prospect.

From when the prospect viewed your proposal to how long a lead has interacted with your proposal, Qwilr captures all this data to help you plan your follow-up calls and emails.

Can I add Live Chat to my event program?

Absolutely! Qwilr integrates with major live chat platforms such as Intercom, which allows your sales team to chat directly with your sales prospects and in real-time answer any questions they might have.

Can I generate an event program from my CRM software?

Yes! Qwilr integrates directly with major industry CRMs such as Hubspot & Salesforce so that you can incorporate all the information you have about your lead, such as company name, contact name, etc into your proposal in just 1 click! In addition, once you have sent off your proposal, you can also understand how the lead interacted with the proposal you sent through analytics captured by our software. Data includes how long the lead spent on your proposal.

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