Branding Case Study Template

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Branding Case Study Template
Visuals speak louder

Visuals speak louder

Include full screen images and inline videos to showcase the details of your previous branding work.

Ensure it's on brand

Ensure it's on brand

Setup your brand styles, including fonts, colours, logos and more so that your video production case study matches your brand perfectly.

 Save and reuse

Save and reuse

Save your customised branding case study as a new template to streamline the creation of your future case studies.

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More than just a sneaker brand, Kangaroo Shoes harness the power of the Internet of Things to provide direct feedback to wearers’ smartphones. Specifically, it goes above and beyond a simple step counter and provides visual feedback on a wearer’s step to ensure their technique is on point.. Kangaroo Shoes are useful, loved and look cool but their brand was in desperate need of a refresh.


The First Step is the Hardest

Kangaroo Shoes already had a devoted following due to its analytical value to both professional and amateur runners – not to mention their durability. With a dedicated following throughout the US, Kangaroo knew it had fans in other countries due to a steady rise in overseas orders though it’s online store. However, it had no luck trying to break into Asia’s leading sporting retailers.

New Look For An Old Kangaroo

Because Kangaroo Shoes knew their product was loved by so many, there seemed no need to completely change the brand’s name. They needed a fresh new look and extensive brand collateral to break into a larger buyer market where they would compete with the status and swagger of other big Asian sneaker brands.


More than Meets the Eye

Unless you’re from the land down under, Kangaroos can seem like a peculiar animal. So we educated ourselves on this unique mammal. Turns out Kangaroos are totally badass: fit, fast, territorial – a bit like runners. So we worked on a sleek design that maximized their physical attributes without looking unfamiliar to shoppers.

It was imperative that we communicated with Asian runners specifically. So we found artistic representations of Asian animals with similar traits and studied their place in the larger Asian markets.

“We knew Bekin was the agency for us as soon as we saw their initial concepts. They understood the task at hand.”

Genie Hamilton, Head of Marketing, Kangaroo Shoes


  • In the Spring of 2017, Kangaroo Shoes received its first deal with a major shoe distributor in Korea. Malaysia and Thailand soon followed.
  • The new brand was combined with activations and sponsorships in various Asian centres to boost awareness.
  • 55% more online sales began channeling into Japan, Taiwan and China – their biggest potential market.


We delivered: new logo design and brand lock-ups, Asia-specific branding guidelines, copy style guide and shoe box design.

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