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Battlecard: Company Overview Template

Create engaging sales battlecards to arm your sales team with interactive content that wins them more deals, all built on the web.

About this template

A sales battlecard is an internal document, and typically a one-pager of high-value talking points created specifically to help your sales team close deals. They’re usually used by sales teams when they’re going head-to-head against a particular competitor.

This template covers the competitors products they offer, notable customers, pricing, why they win, why we lose against them, and a feature comparison table. It’s designed to be a quick one page reference for sales reps to pull up when they’re on calls with prospective buyers.

These days no markets are free of competition, and customers are overwhelmed with options, putting pressure on sales reps to carve out talking points against the competition.

How to use this template

Sales battlecards arm your sales reps to have smart conversations during prospecting and sales calls. Most marketers create sales battlecards as PDFs or Google docs. Which means they can’t track how effective their collateral is at influencing the sales cycle.

For marketers, sales enablement professionals, or product marketers intent on making sales battlecards optimised for interaction and adoption, Qwilr’s unique web format lets you track the amount of views and engagement each battlecard receives. With the battlecard as a web page, you can add password protection to ensure no sales rep accidentally sends this to your customers.

What's in this template?

  • About the competitor
  • Competitor product overview
  • Notable customers
  • Competitor pricing
  • Why we win / why we lose
  • Feature comparison table
  • Pricing & packaging comparison

Qwilr Features

Qwilr helps modern sales teams wow their buyers and drive revenue through engaging web experiences.

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Interactive pricing

Empower buyers with interactive pricing plans and quotes.

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Content library

Build a library of re-usable content for your sales reps to make every piece of collateral up to date and aligned to the company brand.

Track buyer engagement

Know what your customers are engaging with by tracking views, clicks and time spent on each web page.

Embeddable content

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are battlecards in marketing?

Battle cards are internal documents creating by marketing teams for sales reps to educate them on competitors products, services, GTM strategy, features, pricing and positioning. It’s typically a one page document sales reps can quickly reference during sales conversations to differentiate themselves in the buying process.

How do you make a sales battlecard?

Sales battlecards should include a company overview, feature comparison, GTM strategy, pricing, competitor positioning, when to engage and not engage. And, they should also include a quick differentiation statement to help sales reps differentiate themselves in the evaluation process.

What are competitive battlecards?

Competitor battlecards are the most common form of a sales battlecard. They’re designed to be a quick reference point for sales reps to learn facts, tactics, and information about competitors so they can win against them.

Who creates battlecards?

Sales battlecards are usually created by a sales enablement team, marketers, or product marketers as internal documents that enable sales reps to close more competitive deals.

What is a sales enablement role?

A sales enablement manager enables the sales team by building educational material, sales content and training. Often the role also manages a sales enablement tool.

What is sales enablement?

Sales enablement is a set of content, tools, and process to help sales teams sell better.

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