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App Proposal Template

Use Qwilr's app proposal template to send proposals that win you work. Embed videos, InVision prototypes & website to showcase past work. Get detailed analytics and notifications when people view it, and enable them to accept, sign and pay online.

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Include prototypes, images and more

Win the job by embedding InVision prototypes, websites and videos that showcase your best work.

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Include interactive pricing

Help your clients understand how much their project will cost and enable them to play around with pricing by including extra services, options or add-ons.

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Save it to use again

Spend more time developing apps and less time creating proposals by saving your customised app proposal to use again later.


Share on any device

As an app developer, you want your proposals to be as tech forward as you. Qwilr enables you to send your proposal as a responsive webpage which can be viewed on any desktop, tablet or mobile device - Regardless of whether your clients use a PC, Mac or Android.

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Secure your ideas

It's competitive out there and you don't want your ideas to end up in the wrong hands. Use Qwilr features like password protection, view and time limits so you can control who sees your proposal.

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Get notified

Know when your client has viewed your proposal with notifications by email or Slack, or you can connect to Zapier to send notifications by HipChat, Yammer, Chatter and more.

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Seamless sharing from your website

Assign a sub-domain (i.e. to your Qwilr account to make your app proposal look like it's part of your website.


Reduce turnaround times

Digital signatures are proven to reduce turnaround times by 80%. No more printing, signing, scanning and sending back. Just click, sign and accept.

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Get faster sign-off and quicker payments

With 1 click project acceptance, eSignature capability and seamless payment integrations you can get approval and payment online in an instant.

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Gain insight from detailed analytics

Analytics allow you to see who has viewed your document, when, for how long, what content they engaged with and more.

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Answer questions in real time

Add Live Chat so clients can ask questions whilst reviewing your proposal.

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