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Reynolds Mobile Dev Shop Presents an

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for {Client Name} on {Date} by Timothy Reynolds

An App to Change the World.

Dear {Client Name}

It was wonderful to meet you and learn more about your vision and goals for your android app idea. Building an app to round up all your purchases to charity is not only a noble pursuit but one that I think will be well-received as well.

In this proposal, I've laid out our plan to successfully deliver this project for you, along with associated processes and costs.

I believe this is a great opportunity to impact the world and look forward to the chance to collaborate with you. Please review and then schedule a call at your convenience using the built in calendar at the end of this proposal.

Let's build something great!

Timothy Reynolds, Lead Developer


Executive Summary

Application Components

User Experience and App Flow


About & Portfolio

Project Investment


Powering the Working World

Executive Summary


This proposal outlines a plan to build an Android application for {Client Name} based our previous correspondences. That app will round up all purchases a user makes and donate the remainder to charities related to the purchase. We have experience building apps in this vertical and also specialize in Android development. Based on these and other factors, we believe we are well-suited to deliver an excellent Android app for {Client Name}.


The app will be built for Millennials who frequently make purchases with credit or debit cards and who are compassionate towards the less fortunate and are innovative in their approach to who to help them.


The strategy will be built around setting up a fun user experience with a very simple onboarding process after sign-up. Once the user connects his or her credit cards and selects their preferred charities for a handful of purchasing categories, the app will run in the background to consistently automate their charitable giving.


The process for this app development is outlined later in the proposal, but will follow four key steps:

  • Project setup
  • App design
  • App development
  • Testing & Debugging

Application Components

UX Design

While not strictly a function of programming, a smooth user experience will be considered from both an aesthetic and technical angle throughout the building process in order to maximize engagement and retention from the target audience.

Financial Integration

The ability to connect to financial institutions and withdraw funds according to the round up philosophy, as well as efficiently distributing those funds to the partner charities, will be the most important and time consuming part of this app build.

Charity Selection

A database will be built within the app to pull all registered 501(c)3 organizations and tag them according the sector in which they serve.

Intelligent Purchase Analysis

In order to properly allocate funds to the charity category related to the purchase, an engine for intelligently understanding purchases will be coded to allocate donated funds accordingly.

UX and App Flow


Profile Setup

After installation, the user will be asked to set up a basic profile which they can manually enter or autopopulate through Facebook or Google+

Connect Cards

Next, the user will be prompted to connect all credit and debit cards that want to be rounded up for charitable donations with each purchase they make on that card.

Select Charities

The user will then be prompted to select a preferred charity for each of the eight (8) purchasing categories that will be coded into the app.

Stay Engaged

After onboarding, we expect only occasional use of the app. However, basic features will be built in to deliver push notification updates from their preferred charities.



Phase 1 | Project Setup

Summary: Hold an in-depth kickoff workshop and build a complete project mapping overview.

Time: 2 weeks

Phase 2 | App Design

Summary: We'll start with concept sketches and convert to completed wireframes and illustrations to have app completely ready for development.

Time: 1 month

Phase 3 | App Development

Summary: All programming and development will be completed during this phase. A MVP (minimum viable product) will be ready upon completion of this phase.

Time: 2.5 months

Phase 4 | Test & Debug

Summary: All testing, debugging and final revisions will be done during this final phase before launch!

Time: 1 month

About & Portfolio

Reynolds Mobile Dev Shop is an Android development group specializing in banking-related applications.

Get to know us:

  • Founded in 2010
  • Built over 260 apps to date
  • 22 full-time staff
  • Focused on bringing a beautiful UX to banking-related apps

View some of our recent projects below:

Dry Cleaning EasyPay App

A simple mobile payment solution for dry cleaning businesses.

Little League Payment App

Enables parents to pay for little league expenses with the cell phone.

Project Investment

Terms: 50% to start project and 50% upon completion. For questions, please email

"Our experience with Reynolds Mobile Dev Shop has been nothing short of phenomenal. They finished our project on time and on budget, and even gave us several killer ideas for marketing our app after we launched."

-{Happy Customer Name}

Let's Rock This!

We are excited to start your project. Please schedule a call below to review this proposal and confirm next steps!

Terms and Conditions

Expand by clicking below to review

Terms & Conditions

Here are a few basics to make sure we are on the same page.


You {Client Name} are hiring us {Reynolds Mobile Dev Shop} to design and build an app according to the proposal as outlined above.

This proposal is valid for 30 days.

By accepting, you agree that you have the authority to enter into this contract.


This project will take five months to complete. To hit this goal, both sides must maintain a commitment to an effort to respond to all communications within 48 business hours.

If either party is consistently non-responsive and the project gets more than one month behind, this shall serve as acceptable grounds for termination of the project.


For this project, 50% of the project is due upfront to begin work, and 50% is due upon completion.

Payment is non-refundable for this project.

App will be pushed to {Client Name} for full ownership upon receipt of completion payment.

A change order may be requested if scope extends beyond this proposal. Billing for change orders, once approved, are to be paid in full upfront.


In the event of a dispute, a neutral third party will be be called upon for resolution, with expenses being split 50/50.

If either party fails to hold up their end of this agreement and we part ways, payment in full must be made or refunded to reflect all work that has been done according to the project estimate.


These terms and conditions are meant to provide an overview of key technical understandings we should share. You may wish to consult your lawyer for additional clarification, which we are happy to review.

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