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Create a beautiful engagement party proposal

Qwilr makes it easy to create a beautiful engagement party proposal that impresses potential clients and closes deals.


Create beautiful proposals in minutes

Use our professionally-designed templates to get started and include video, images, maps and more.


Build your own or use our templates

Our professionally-designed templates dramatically reduce the time it takes to build a proposal, or you can start from scratch if you prefer.

Add different types of content

Our simple editor makes it easy to add different types of content, including video, images, text, maps, interactive pricing calculators, and more.

Customise it to your brand

Add your logo, colours and fonts to make it truly yours.

Share them as responsive web pages

Share your engagement party proposal as a webpage that looks great on any device, or download it as a PDF for sharing the old fashioned way.


Works across all devices

By using Qwilr, your engagement party proposal is guaranteed to look great across all desktop, mobile and tablet devices.

Ensure only the right people see it

Ensure your engagement party proposal doesn't fall into the wrong hands. Add password protection, time limits, view limits or user authentication to ensure only the right people see it.

Make it part of your website

Direct a sub-domain (i.e. to Qwilr so that all your proposals look like they're part of your website.


Know when people interact with your proposal

Get notified when prospects view your engagement party proposal. See who’s viewing it, how long for, what content they’re engaging with, and more.


Get instant notifications

Get notified via email, SMS, Slack and more the moment your engagement party proposal is viewed and accepted.

See interactions in your CRM

See a full history of your prospects interactions with your proposal in the timeline view in Salesforce or HubSpot CRM.

Get deep insights into how it's viewed

Learn many times your engagement party proposal has been viewed, where from, what content was most viewed, etc. using our detailed analytics.


Get signoff instantly

Digital signatures can reduce proposal turnaround time by up to 80%. Get acceptance and signoff quicker by enabling your prospects to accept and sign your engagement party proposal online.


Instant acceptance

Enable your prospects to instantly accept your engagement party proposal by adding a simple accept button.

Simple digital signatures

Allow your prospects to digitally sign your engagement party proposal with ease, and see a full audit history for legal compliance.

Collect payments straight away

Enable the payment options in Qwilr to make it easy for your prospects to pay for the work via their credit card.


Integrate with your other business apps

Make producing proposals and closing business easier by integrating Qwilr with your CRM, accounting, live chat and analytics tools.

Create personalised proposals

Use data from your CRM to create and send personalised proposals, and see when your prospect views and accepts your proposal as Activity back in your CRM.

Chat with prospects

Use live chat to answer your prospects questions as they are viewing your proposal.

Create draft invoices from accepted proposals

Automatically create a draft invoice in your accounting software when your engagement party proposal is accepted.

“Whatever we create in Qwilr looks absolutely brilliant. It helps show our work in the best light, and is downright impressive when clients see a Qwilr Page we have made for them.”





Frequently Asked Questions

What is an engagement party proposal?

An Engagement Party Proposal is designed to send to prospective clients in order to gain work. Usually, it contains some background on the company and why they need your services. It also includes some information about your business and why you are their best choice, a quote that explains the pricing in detail, and a case study that demonstrates your previous work.

What kind of content can I add to my engagement party proposal?

You will be able to add all types of dynamic content to your Engagement Party Proposal since Qwilr creates responsive webpages. You can add videos from sites like YouTube or Vimeo and clients can watch them as part of the proposal. Google Maps and spreadsheets can also be embedded in the proposal. Qwilr also has a flagship feature which is an interactive quote block. Use it to outline your prices for services and make some items optional or available in varying quantities. Clients can turn items off or on and see the changes reflected in the price. This is a great tool for upsells and increasing your per client revenue.

Can I add pricing to my engagement party proposal?

Qwilr has an interactive pricing table feature that can be added to your Engagement Party Proposal. The tables will add prices per the hour, on a fixed rate, or on a recurring basis. You also have the option of grouping services together or allowing some services to be optional. Since the pricing tables are dynamic, prospects can make or change selections and see the price adjust in real time. When they are ready to accept and sign the proposal, they will see the price in real time.

Will my engagement party proposal look good on mobile & tablet devices?

Creating an Engagement Party Proposal in Qwilr means you can share it as a web page and look good on any tablet, desktop, or mobile device. This is because Qwilr uses a responsive design that can detect the type of device the page is being viewed on and adjust accordingly. This will only work when the proposal is shared as a web page though. PDF files are downloaded but they are not responsive.

Can prospects sign my engagement party proposal digitally?

Qwilr includes a built-in digital signature function which will allow prospects to accept and sign your Engagement Party Proposal digitally. This saves lots of time since you don't have to download PDF files into other online tools like DocuSign. You have everything you need in one spot.

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