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Life Insurance Proposal Template

Compiling a life insurance proposal is easy with Qwilr's template. You can include spreadsheets, forms, tables and videos to properly communicate a prospective client's options.

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Interactive pricing

Life insurance can be complicated but with interactive pricing you can clearly show how much various options or additions will cost a prospective customer.

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Simple to edit

With a simple editor you can easily update the template to include relevant information in a format that works for you. You can also link it to your CRM to include more personalised data.

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Save it to use again next time

Once you're all set up and your information has been tailored, you can save your life insurance template to use for your next opportunity.


Works across multiple platforms

Compatible with various operating systems, your Qwilr will look beautiful on MAC, PC or Android and the responsive design means it will work across smartphones, tablets, laptops or desktops.

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Know when to follow up

Get notified when your client opens or engages with your proposal so you know when to follow up.

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Live chat

Add live chat functionality to your life insurance proposal so you can answer questions as they arise.

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Secure your information

Life insurance can deal with lots of personal or delicate information. Keep it secure with password protection, user authentication and view or time limits.


Simple acceptance

A built-in, 1-click acceptance button means you can get approval quickly.

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Digital signatures

E-signature capability and a full audit trail which meets legal requirements means you can get important documents and proposals signed online - cutting out printing, signing and scanning.

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Secure payments

Get policies paid for on the spot with secure, integrated payment capability through Qwilr's Stripe integration.

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Link to accounting tools

Integrate directly with your accounting platform to minimise errors and data entry while using accepted proposals to generate draft invoices.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I protect my life insurance proposal?

Qwilr comes with numerous options to protect your life insurance proposal from falling into the wrong hands. You can add password protections, view limits (I.e. It can’t be viewed more than 5 times) and time limits (I.e. it’s no longer available to be viewed after a certain date).

You can even require people to authenticate themselves using their Google or LinkedIn accounts in order to see it.

Can prospects sign my life insurance proposal digitally?

Qwilr comes with built-in digital signature functionality that allows your prospect to accept and sign your life insurance proposal online. No longer do you need to upload PDF documents into tools like DocuSign. With Qwilr, you get everything you need in one place for one low price.

Can prospects pay for services through my life insurance proposal?

Yes! Prospect can pay for your products and services through the proposal. They simply enter their credit card details into the secure form on the proposal, and their card is debited. You’ll then receive the money in your bank account (or wherever you choose to send it) a few days later.

How do I know when people view my life insurance proposal?

You’ll receive a notification the moment a person views your proposal, so you can time your follow up perfectly. Notifications can be received by email or Slack, or you can connect to Zapier to get notified in tools like HipChat, Microsoft Teams, Yammer, Salesforce Chatter and more.

How do I see what content people engaged with in my life insurance proposal?

When you create your life insurance proposal with Qwilr and send it as a webpage, you get detailed analytics showing how people viewed your proposal. You can see who viewed it, for how long, from where, what content they engaged with, and more. You can then use this information to tailor your follow-up calls and emails or optimise your next proposal.

Can I add Live Chat to my life insurance proposal?

Yes! Qwilr integrates with Live Chat tools like Olark and Intercom (with more on the way). With these integrations enabled, you can chat live with prospects as they view your proposal, answer questions in real-time, and ultimately get the proposal signed faster.

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