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Consulting Brochure Template

With Qwilr's consulting brochure template, you can create beautiful brochures that generate leads and win work. You can embed videos, calendars and images to help showcase your capabilities and get notified the moment a client views your brochure.

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Brochures with credibility

Showcase your previous work to future clients by including maps, images, prototypes and more with the simple editor.

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Embed spreadsheets and tables

Demonstrate what you’re capable of with embedded spreadsheets, data tables and more.

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Use it over and over again

Save your personalised template to streamline brochure creation in the future.


Brochures that look great on any device

The responsive design means clients can view your brochure across any device, regardless of size or operating system, with ease.

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Share as a webpage

Make your brochure look like an extension of your website by adding a subdomain to it and sharing it as a webpage. You can also share it as a PDF if that's more your style.

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Gain a deeper understanding

Learn who's viewed your brochure, when, for how long and what content they engaged with the most so you can continue to improve content each time.

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Lock and key

Add password protection, user authentication, view or time limits to your consulting brochure so you can control who sees it.


Be the first to know

Receive notifications via email, Slack, Hipchat or a multitude of other messaging platforms, so you'll know when your client has opened, viewed and interacted with your consulting brochure.

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Q&As on the spot

Enable live chat so clients can interact and ask questions on the spot while reading your consulting brochure.

See the template in action

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