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Beautiful proposals and presentations that impress clients with Qwilr

Textile is a digital agency delivering services in three main pillars: Strategy, Design, and Technology. “We’re small but punch above our weight in all three areas,” summarizes Spencer Knisely, Strategist at Textile and one of its founders.

Beyond exceptional strategy and design experience, Textile differentiates itself through the third pillar, technology. From full marketing automation and sales enablement to operations and accounting integrations, Textile helps businesses run smarter using best-in-class tools that don’t have to cost a lot.

Delivering elegance and delight in an instant

Textile’s partners had been in the business a while, and between them, they had used everything from Excel to PowerPoint to Word and old-school ERP systems to create quotes and presentations. “None of those tools deliver the elegance and delight and the ease-of-use for the client [that Qwilr does]”, says Spencer.

That’s how they knew they needed to find a better way. And thus, Qwilr has been with them since the agency’s first few days.

Spencer likes the ability to play around with their templates, constantly doing small retouches so things look as close to perfection as possible. “Of course, we can never leave well-enough alone, so we’re always redesigning our own templates and sections and fiddling with assets in the library,” he says.

“Qwilr is a fast way to make beautiful things.”

- Spencer Knisely, Strategist and Founder, Textile

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Great-looking quotes on all devices

Besides creating beautiful documents “that are elegant in their simplicity,” Qwilr allows Textile to deliver consistently great-looking quotes to potential clients – on all devices. This, Spencer says, proves to customers that Textile understands the importance of digital products that look as good on your phone as they do on a laptop.

“Qwilr offers a professional and distinctive presentation of quotes that are easy to accept – and it does it perfectly on mobile,” says Spencer. “The fact that Qwilr gives the definite impression that design was approached mobile-first sends a subtle signal to our clients that we’re an agency who understands the new web.”

Making the right impression as a company

Being an agency that offers all-around UI/UX services, Textile doesn’t let details slip through the cracks. Using Qwilr, the agency shows clients that great visual design and user experience are not just a part of their output but are present in all areas, even before a project starts.

“This way of presenting our quotes is a standard we’re not willing to relax. Whether our customers buy or pass, Qwilr documents make the right impression of us as a company,” says Spencer.

Qwilr offers Textile the creative flexibility they want with the speed and functionality that makes them look on top of their game. “As a company that makes its living selling, recommending, optimizing and integrating digital tools, we always have to have the best,” Spencer says. “The finished product of documents created in Qwilr is just as good as our image and our product – us.”


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