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Create a beautiful business partnership proposal

Win more business by creating and sending a beautiful business partnership proposal that looks great on any device. Get notified when people view it and allow them to accept and sign instantly.


Easily create beautiful proposals

Get started using our professionally-designed templates or build your own from scratch using our simple editor. Add video, images, maps, pricing calculators and more to build a truly impressive business partnership proposal.


Start with our templates & images

Get a headstart by using one of our professionally designed templates and our library of beautiful stock imagery.

Add your content

Use our simple editor to add text, images, video, spreadsheets, pricing calculators, collapsible sections and more.

Make it match your brand

Upload your logo and set your fonts and colours to ensure your business partnership proposal matches your brand style.

Easily share them as responsive web pages

Share your business partnership proposal as a beautiful responsive webpage that looks great on any device, or download it as a PDF for sharing the old fashioned way.


Looks great on any device

All proposals and documents created with Qwilr are responsive, so they look great on whatever device your prospects view them on.

Powerful security options

Make sure your business partnership proposal is viewed only by the people you want to see it. Add a password, time limit, view limit or require people to login before viewing.

Make it part of your website

Setup a custom domain (I.e. so that all your proposals and documents are coming from your domain.


Get notified when your proposal is viewed

Get notified the moment your proposal is viewed, and see detailed analytics on who viewed it, what content they engaged with, and more.


Know the moment people view your proposal

Get notifications via email, SMS, Slack and more the moment prospects view your business partnership proposal, so you can time your follow up perfectly.

See what content they engage with

Use our detailed analytics to see what content people engage with, for how long, from where, and more.

See all engagement in your CRM

See when your prospects viewed and accepted your proposal as Activities on the timeline view of your CRM.


Get acceptance and signoff instantly

Digital signatures can reduce proposal turnaround time by up to 80%. Get acceptance and signoff quicker by enabling your prospects to accept and sign your business partnership proposal online.


Easy acceptance

Enable your prospects to accept your business partnership proposal quickly by adding a simple accept button.

Easy signoff

Get signoff quicker by allowing prospects to add their signature online, and it's as legally binding as a paper signature.

Easy payments

Collect a deposit or the full amount straight away by allowing prospects to pay with a credit card right from within your proposal.


Integrate with your other tools

Reduce paperwork and manual process by using Qwilr’s native integrations with your CRM, accounting, live chat & analytics tools.


Use data from your CRM to create and send personalised proposals, and see when your prospect views and accepts your proposal as Activity back in your CRM.

Live Chat

Chat with clients as they’re viewing your business partnership proposal, so you can quickly answer questions and close deals.


Automatically create a draft invoice in your accounting software when your business partnership proposal is accepted.

“Whatever we create in Qwilr looks absolutely brilliant. It helps show our work in the best light, and is downright impressive when clients see a Qwilr Page we have made for them.”





Frequently Asked Questions

What is a business partnership proposal?

A business partnership proposal is a proposal which is designed to help you win work from clients. It typically contains background information about the company and explains why they need your services. It also contains information about your business, why you are the best fit for the job, and a quote that details the pricing for the project. Oftentimes, it also includes a case study or portfolio that shows off your best work.

Why use Qwilr to create a business partnership proposal?

"Qwilr is a proposal software program that easily generates attractive business partnership proposals and documents turning them into responsive web pages that look good on any device. About half of all emails are now opened on a mobile device. By using Qwilr, your business partnership proposal will look great no matter what device it gets opened on.

Since a client can view, accept, sign and pay for your solar installation proposal online, it makes turnaround time significantly shorter."

Can I add Live Chat to my business partnership proposal?

Qwilr is integrated with live chat tools such as Olark, Intercom, and others. With this feature enabled, you can chat live with possible clients who are viewing your business partnership proposal in real time. Not only can you answer any questions they have in real time, you can often get the proposal signed faster.

Does Qwilr integrate with CRM software?

"Qwilr does integrate with Salesforce & HubSpot CRM. With these enabled integrations, you'll be able to create personalized business partnership proposals from within the CRM using any information you have about the lead like their company name.

Additionally, when a lead views or accepts a business partnership proposal, you'll see the activity in your CRM."

Does Qwilr integrate with Accounting software?

Qwilr integrates with all the major online accounting software like Xero, Quickbooks, and Freshbooks. When your business partnership proposal is accepted, a draft invoice is created automatically in the accounting software program. It will contain all the specifics on pricing taken from the proposal. Once you are ready, just click send and it will be sent to the client.

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