Selling to the CFO Template

Get buy-in from the CFO and remove friction from your prospect's approval process with Nathan Clark's 'Selling-to-the-CFO' template.

Selling to the CFO Template

About this template

A strong sales process is essential in today's competitive markets. Without exec buy-in and clear ROI, deals can stall in the final stages and run the risk of being lost to no decision.

We teamed up with Nathan Clark to create this Selling-to-the-CFO template. This template outlines the economic case for your product in a way that the CFO will understand and appreciate.

Plus, with Nathan’s pro tips, you’ll not only understand 'what' to say and deliver but also the 'how' and 'why' behind this format, so you’re continually improving your craft.

What's included?

  • Executive summary
  • Driving value
  • Financial impact
  • Investment Summary
  • Testimonial
  • Ensuring success
  • Pro tips from Nathan

About the author

Nathan Clark, Sales Coach

Nathan Clark|Sales Coach

Nathan Clark is a sales coach for ambitious B2B tech leaders and their sales teams to help them win more deals. He has a wealth of experience in helping technical founders set up and manage their sales functions, scaling sales models and workflows, and helping teams drive more efficiency from their sales processes.

Qwilr is a great fit to sell behind the scenes, and for your proposals and sales collateral more broadly.

With Qwilr, you can:

  1. Create interactive sales material that cuts through the noise. Send a single URL instead of endless revisions and long email threads with attachments.
  2. Empowers buyers to review, sign, and pay with one interactive page, designed to help you close deals with velocity.
  3. See what buyers are reading and clicking on and personalize your next touchpoint based on their behaviors.
  4. Create templates and asset libraries that automatically create sales material in one-click from a CRM.

As a seller, you must enable your champion to get internal buy-in for your solution. Your buyer is faced with endless priorities, distractions, and responsibilities - and they're (usually) not a salesperson.

By equipping them with a summary of the economic impact of purchase you do the heavy lifting for them when it comes to selling your solution and getting final approval from the CFO.

Qwilr gives you the peace of mind that when your champion passes your key sales assets to the broader buying committee, your solution leaves a lasting impression. Additionally, with Qwilr’s analytics, you can know when, who, and how your buying committee is engaging with your content and sales process.

Here's a quick video overview of how to get started with this template:

Utilizing Qwilr's Selling to the CFO Template is straightforward. Start by accessing the template from the Qwilr library and personalize it to align with your specific requirements. Incorporate your company details, outline the benefits of your product or service, and detail the ROI potential for the CFO. Additionally, include any relevant financial data or projections. Enhance the presentation by integrating visuals like charts or graphs to emphasize key points. Once customized, easily share the proposal with your team or external stakeholders and monitor engagement metrics to gauge interest and response.

Selling to the CFO involves crafting a strategic approach to pitch products or services directly to Chief Financial Officers. It's essential in demonstrating how your offerings align with the company's financial goals and objectives. Utilizing a tailored sales strategy and leveraging financial data and metrics are key components in successfully selling to the CFO.

Selling to the CFO requires a deep understanding of financial concepts and language, as well as the ability to articulate the value proposition in terms of ROI and financial impact. It involves presenting a compelling case that highlights cost savings, revenue generation opportunities, and overall financial benefits.

Key elements in selling to the CFO include thorough financial analysis, clear alignment with the company's financial objectives, and addressing potential concerns around budget constraints or return on investment. This approach ensures that sales pitches resonate with CFOs and effectively demonstrate the value proposition of the products or services being offered. Utilizing a custom proposal software can streamline the creation and customization of proposals tailored specifically for CFOs, ensuring that each pitch is targeted and impactful.

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