Dan Lever

Brand Consultant and Copywriter

Dan Lever

Dan Lever is an experienced brand consultant and copywriter. He’s been providing digital marketing and sales development services for clients since 2016 across a wide range of industries, including B2B SaaS, telecoms, higher education and third sector.

Dan assists clients with complex offers, demystifying and clarifying their communications and helping them to demonstrate the human impact of their services. With a strong background in SEO, Dan brings an intuitive ability to connect the client’s content with the right audience.

Dan lives in a house by the sea with his cat, his wife, his kids, and too many guitars.


Dan developed his marketing expertise by working alongside SEO and PPC consultants to produce content strategies and articles that helped drive sales and unite businesses with their ideal audience through search intent.

He has advanced knowledge in the following subjects:


Dan studied Literature, Film and Media (MA) at the University of Glasgow, UK

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