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TravelBank integrated Salesforce with Qwilr for efficient document generation

The challenge

As a travel and expense software solution, Travelbank manages a complex set of product and pricing data, which changes substantially every couple of months. Prior to adopting Qwilr, these rapid changes created a challenge for maintaining up-to-date marketing, sales and transactional documents. Old pricing, product details and imagery often featured in their content and buyer contracts, which were created using Microsoft Word and Powerpoint, organized in a Google Drive. In a separate system, Travelbank operated their full customer, product and pricing database in Salesforce.

"We needed a system that would allow us to seamlessly update all our content, straight from our Salesforce CRM, eliminating errors and version control issues,"

- Connor Lawrence, Director of Revenue Operations at TravelBank


Solving for content and contract management

Travelbank initially looked to integrate 2 separate software solutions with Salesforce - one for content management and another for contract management. On the content management side, document design shortcuts, brand consistency and version control were priorities, in order to support a stretched marketing team. For contract management, it was critical that the new solution would deliver a friction-free experience for their buyers.

Their search ended with a single solution - Qwilr - which met their requirements for both content and contract management. "Qwilr represented a smart document system which would deliver high quality and high efficiency, working seamlessly with our CRM."

The solution

Travelbank adopted Qwilr as the system for a range of documents, including leave-behinds, customer reports, presentations, sales proposals, and contracts.

The choice to go with Qwilr represented an 87% saving in software cost expenditure, compared to $40,000 - $50,000 quoted cost to invest in separate content and contract management solutions.

Travelbank has also cut down the time to generate documents by 30%, by building a library of re-usable, on-brand templates in Qwilr. Latest product, pricing and customer data is automatically pulled from Salesforce into these documents, eliminating errors and version control issues. It's a document system that can support the rapid changes they have as a travel business.

"The ultimate proof that we'd invested in the right solution was mid-COVID. Our business model was overhauled and in 2 weeks, every single document had to reflect new pricing, products and imagery. We achieved it, but only because our whole document system was run on Qwilr."

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