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See how Destined overhauled their sales process with Qwilr and reduced their document production time by 50%.




IT Services

Company size

51-200 employees

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Takeaway stats:

  • 100s of sales documents consolidated
  • 50% savings in document production time

About Destined

  • Headquarters: Sydney, Australia
  • Industry: Professional Services
  • Employees: 90
  • Business: Salesforce Systems Integration Partner. Working across Salesforce, Pardot, and MuleSoft implementation and strategic consulting.

Forecasting billable hours and minimizing consultants on the bench. Adding predictability to the sales pipeline. Managing change requests and document versioning. High-growth Salesforce agencies know these challenges all too well. And Destined, a Salesforce platinum partner, was no exception.

Fueling Salesforce customer momentum

Destined had the vision to grow their Salesforce consulting services by increasing the deal size and complexity within their sales process. Additionally, their sales operations team and beyond were getting frustrated and overwhelmed trying to manage multiple documents in various locations. Each proposal was a custom production, taking hours to produce. Destined needed a standardized processl as deals were quickly coming in. Reps were having to pull info from multiple places, and it was hard to keep up to date. Those smaller changes can have huge effects on delivery and profitability.

Destined outlined their needs and objectives, focusing on what would have the most impact:

  • Increase momentum of the sales process, from sales conversations to quotes to closed/won
  • Improve profitability— with centralized control over proposal content, minimizing the risk of profit leakage, and reduce time spent on unproductive or low ROI tasks
  • Manage document versioning— prevent outdated materials from being used
  • Consolidate documents— centralize materials for easy use via a content library
  • Ensure brand consistency and quality across communications

“Ultimately, our goal was to empower our sales team to create their own proposals, but it was difficult to manage. We have many aspects of our business, from Pardot consulting to Salesforce implementations, Marketing Cloud, and a social product, too. We literally had hundreds of templates, and it was overwhelming."

Pooja Singh, Bid Management and Sales Operations at Destined

The Destined team began researching ways to streamline their sales operations to bring a more organized and efficient approach to their sales proposal templates. Additionally, their solution needed to integrate with Salesforce.

“We tried several options, from Google docs to Google sheets and other document tools, but they just weren’t enough and didn’t provide what we needed. Then we found Qwilr— and things started to change."

Andrew Thomas, Head of Marketing at Destined

The Qwilr differences

Before finding Qwilr, the Destined sales team would pull content for sales proposals from multiple documents, including scoping and technical requirements. One of the biggest challenges was ensuring outdated materials weren’t being stored on desktops and sent to the client. The process was cumbersome and didn’t reflect Destined’s high quality of consulting services.

Qwilr brought immediate relief for Destined’s sales proposal dilemma, including:

  • Higher-quality, professional image
  • Standardized proposal format
  • Organized and centralized library of content blocks, pulled based on client interests
  • Native integration with Salesforce, ensuring sales people can access Qwilr from inside the opportunity
  • Simplified process to adding technical requirements, pricing, implementation timelines, and rich media

Destined initially chose Qwilr because they wanted better-looking sales proposals and needed consistency in their sales process. But they quickly discovered Qwilr offered them much more than cosmetics; the business impact was significant.

“We wanted velocity in our sales process, and Qwilr helped us achieve that. Proposals that used to take hours now take minutes, thanks to the content library we’ve created. Using Qwilr’s analytics, we know who’s viewing our proposals and which parts they are engaging with, enabling the salesperson to follow up quickly and have more focused conversations. Because of this, we are able to be more proactive with our opportunities by sending a proposal 25 minutes later that’s fully branded and personalized."

Andrew Thomas, Head of Marketing at Destined

But Andrew went on to share Destined’s unexpected result.

“We also found that Qwilr made it easier for our customers to sign with us. Many of them tell us they like the ability to select specific features or hold off on others. Qwilr’s interactive pricing empowers our customers to select exactly the services they want, which not only makes our sales process more efficient but has increased our average contract size.”

Andrew Thomas, Head of Marketing at Destined

And as for managing client change requests? That process is much more straightforward now, too.

“When a client makes changes or requests additional services, it can be disastrous if mishandled. Qwilr provides a simple way for us to get client agreement without going back and forth. Qwilr makes managing large projects much easier."

Andrew Thomas, Head of Marketing at Destined

The business impact

Since using Qwilr, Destined’s results are impressive:

  • 50% savings in document production time
  • Consolidated hundreds of sales proposal templates into one
  • Improved brand image and consistency

Destined adopted Qwilr 18 months ago, and in that time, their business has tripled.

“Qwilr helped us to scale. Our sales team can spend more time selling and focusing on the needs of our customers, our pipeline is more predictable, our contracts are closing faster and at a higher rate, and we can better forecast billable hours. Qwilr has been a helpful tool in our journey and a great value for our business.”

Andrew Thomas, Head of Marketing at Destined

To learn how Qwilr can help your organization save time and close more business, we invite you to book a demo with our sales team.