1. Mentorloop

Getting the wow-factor in proposals using Qwilr





Company size

11-50 employees

Lucy and Heidi, cofounders of Mentorloop

After wondering how they might connect with a wiser, future version of themselves, high school friends, Lucy Lloyd and Heidi Holmes, found a way to make mentoring more accessible for those looking to take the next step in their career.

With 20 years of friendship behind them, the two partnered up in 2014 to found Mentorloop – a software platform that helps match mentees with mentors and manages mentoring programs without the usual messy, time-consuming admin tasks.

Keeping prospects engaged

By removing the burden of spreadsheets and email, Mentorloop was helping universities, corporates and organisations free up the valuable time that was required to create and manage impactful mentoring programs. But, within their own business, Mentorloop were still relying on old-school, time-intensive tools for bringing in new work.

“We would identify quality leads that had gone through our full demo and consultation process, but when it came to presenting our business case right before the final close, we were missing the mark. We would just hand them a proposal that had a generic look and feel. The content was pulled together using Google Slides or Docs in a pretty ad-hoc way, with little consistency in style and format depending on who created it. It would take time, effort and a great designer to add the wow-factor to these classic sales documents. But as a start-up scaling fast, we didn’t have such a luxury”.

Heidi Holmes, Founder of Mentorloop

With Mentorloop’s software starting to take off, they knew they would have to change up their sales workflow and keep their prospects engaged if they were to achieve the rapid growth the team and their investors were expecting.

Customised and branded proposals

After a marketing manager at Mentorloop heard about how Qwilr could help transform the way they communicate with their clients, he suggested that they try it out with the sales team.

“Qwilr turned out to be the exact solution that we were looking for. We are using it after the demo stage, to provide our prospects with a customised and branded proposal that fully reflects the value we know we deliver. Each of our proposals have a breakdown of the mentoring program’s objectives, success metrics and pricing. We love that this is packaged up in a neat webpage that our prospects can easily access on their phone or laptop using the link we send them. They can then quickly share this information with their colleagues who can also identify the business case for using Mentorloop. In this way, Qwilr is helping us connect with people who we aren’t directly talking to. Also, we are definitely saving a lot more time by using Qwilr’s integration with HubSpot to create templates that are personalised to our leads. We can now edit, send and track our proposals right from within HubSpot which simplifies the whole process of bringing in new customers”.

Heidi Holmes, Founder of Mentorloop

A smoother sales workflow

Since Mentorloop has started sending more consistent and visually engaging documents, the business has found themselves continually striving to improve the customer experience during the sales process.

“Qwilr has helped us lift our game. It’s always a challenge introducing new software into a business, but Qwilr is so intuitive that anyone in the team can pick it up and create a really good-looking, professional document that is on brand”.

Heidi Holmes, Founder of Mentorloop

With Mentorloop now planning their expansion into the UK market, Qwilr looks forward to helping them encourage more clients take the next big leap in their careers.