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Integrating HubSpot with Qwilr to modernise the sales proposal process




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So much of life, and sales, is about getting the timing right. If you’re not able to, chances are you might lose out on an opportunity. Though timing plays a role in almost any deal, in the highly-competitive recruiting, and HR outsourcing, industry it’s even more paramount to overall success.

HR Collaborative, a leader in the space, has learned the importance of timing from years of experience. Though their team was more than prepared to meet those needs, some of their tools were letting them down. Specifically their proposal tool.

Saving time

The initial solution Jon Brickner, and the rest of the HR Collaborative team, were using didn’t allow them to meet their prospects needs.

“When I needed to get documents out quickly there were a lot of errors to work around."

Jon Brickner, Global Manager at HR Collaborative

Which simply doesn’t work when speed is of the essence.

“Usually when people contact us they’re in pain. They need help fast, so we need to get them a proposal quickly to get the deal done and get them the help they need.”

Jon Brickner, Global Manager at HR Collaborative

In order to address the issue at hand, they started looking for a new proposal solution.

As HubSpot and Xero users being able to integrate with the platform was a high-priority.

“I was looking at the integrations at HubSpot and Qwilr had one of the highest ratings.”

Jon Brickner, Global Manager at HR Collaborative

After talking with our sales team and getting a bit more acquainted with the product, Jon decided to make the switch over to Qwilr.

A better experience

When making the switch over Jon and team knew they wanted to improve both the internal and external proposal experience. The truth is salespeople spend a lot of time on things that aren’t selling. By utilizing things like Qwilr’s HubSpot integration, proposal templates, and saved blocks, they were able to make a better experience for their team.

“We’re avoiding a lot of duplicate work.”

Jon Brickner, Global Manager at HR Collaborative

By using tokens the HR Collaborative sales team is able to easily automate creating proposals which means having more time to focus on selling and making sure their customers are taken care of. The use of templates also means no guesswork for their salespeople of which proposal they should be using.

Qwilr also empowered them to improve the customer experience, too.

“I love the live link. It’s been really helpful to be able to make changes on the fly and not have to resend a bunch of documents. It’s a much better customer experience than someone needing to look through multiple versions to find the most current one.”

Jon Brickner, Global Manager at HR Collaborative

Though for the moment the improved process may seem like a “nice to have” Jon recognizes that for future generations it’ll be non-negotiable.

“I was brought on to create a business development function for the organization. And I know that a great brand experience is important for the younger generation.”

Jon Brickner, Global Manager at HR Collaborative

Impeccable design

Along with making a frictionless proposal experience for their team and customers, Jon was also looking to ensure their proposals fit with the rest of HR Collaborative’s digital properties.

“We were making some significant product changes at the time and it was time for a complete overhaul and refresh of our proposals.”

Jon Brickner, Global Manager at HR Collaborative

Not only were they able to match the overall brand aesthetic, they were also able to utilize Qwilr’s design features to further personalize proposals.

“We work with tons of different industries and have over 150 companies we work with. It helps to be able to pull in images that work for a variety of different clients.”

Jon Brickner, Global Manager at HR Collaborative

The design options Qwilr offers also allows the HR Collaborative team to expand on their offering and have more impact with potential customers.

“It’s helping them to see the problem through a different lens and then help us show how we can help solve their problem.”

Jon Brickner, Global Manager at HR Collaborative

Even though they’ve only been using Qwilr for a few months, they’re already starting to hear positive reviews.

“I’ve already gotten some great feedback about the design of the proposals. I had one customer tell me it was the most beautiful proposal they’d ever seen. And that happened in the first week.”

Jon Brickner, Global Manager at HR Collaborative

Since then, time to move between the proposal presented stage to close has decreased by as much as 20% for some solutions.

The road ahead

As the HR Collaborative team continues to grow, they imagine Qwilr’s role expanding.

“For me this is just where we’re starting. I’m looking forward to using it for other things.”

Jon Brickner, Global Manager at HR Collaborative

Sales collateral and job posts are just a few other ways Jon and his team envision possibly using Qwilr in the future.

As much as they’ve enjoyed using the product, we’re most proud of how much they’ve enjoyed interacting with the team.

“I’ve been so impressed with everyone I’ve interacted with on the team. The customer service was a huge consideration for us and Qwilr has done an outstanding job.”

Jon Brickner, Global Manager at HR Collaborative

To learn more about Qwilr's smart sales proposals and how to integrate with HubSpot, we invite you to schedule a Qwilr demo.