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Customizable Engagement Levels: focus on the right deals with your sales teams

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Pille Heido|Updated Sep 19, 2023

When it comes to closing deals, every minute counts. Waiting for client responses on proposals can be a time-consuming and nerve-wracking process. Having immediate insight into how your proposals are performing enables you to pivot and optimize your whole sales process on the go.

In the dynamic realm of sales, each proposal holds immense value. It’s not merely about sending documents; it’s about comprehending how your customers interact with what you send over. Are they perusing that compelling value proposition you painstakingly crafted? Do they spend too much time on the pricing block, or do they not even notice? These nuances can determine whether you secure the deal or keep wondering why you missed out on a potential opportunity.

The new Customizable Engagement Levels we’ve just launched are your new ally in determining how to make your sales processes even more efficient. We’ve thoughtfully designed this to empower sales teams with invaluable insights and actionable data.

Why this matters?

Let’s dig in and see how it will make a difference.

Precision insights: Engagement algorithm analyzes real time user interactions and provides insights into how your content is performing. You’ll see the dials right on your dashboard immediately when you log in. Simply track the pages you’re interested in and optimize on the fly.

Tailor each metric to your business.

We know that each business is unique. You can set the engagement algorithm to align with what you see is important and how you define engaged customers. For example, as a Sales or Ops Leader, do you want your sales team to focus on engaged deals or make sure they close? This feature allows you to define your specific focus and effectively systemize it for the rest of your sales team using our custom algorithms

Decisions backed by real data: make informed decisions by understanding which elements of your content are engaging with your audience the most. Know when to tweak the proposals and when to leave them alone waiting to close. You can proactively adapt your strategy based on real-time engagement data and adjust and optimize as you see fit. This way, you're always staying ahead of the game.

Getting started

Getting started with setting up and tracking engagement is a straightforward process. Head over to our help article for a comprehensive guide. Or simply log in, head to the Library and select Engagement. You can now start setting up and tweaking your own engagement algorithms.

How does it fit in with pipeline reports?

Everything we’ve just outlined about the new Engagement Levels seamlessly complements the recently launched Pipeline reports. Together, these features provide a comprehensive view of your sales process. You can now track your leads from initial contact to proposal engagement, all the way through to conversion. It’s like having a GPS for your sales journey, guiding you every step of the way.

What’s next?

Excitingly, this is only another step closer to what we still have planned for the year. We’re committed to continually empowering sales teams to reach their fullest potential. Keep an eye out for more exciting updates and features. We have more insightful features in the pipeline that will take your sales strategy to new heights.

More to come on analytics 2023

We’re excited by the prospect of bringing you a series of analytics updates this year, rich with insight using information collected from Qwilr pages, and some updates we can’t reveal just yet, but we will in good time ;)

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Pille Heido, Product Marketing Manager

Pille Heido|Product Marketing Manager

Pille is a product marketing manager at Qwilr – bringing experience across GTM, product launches, sales enablement and competitive intelligence from roles at startups and late stage companies like HotDoc, UsabilityHub and RMIT.