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Know when your proposals are viewed

Close more deals by creating and sending your proposals as beautiful, mobile-responsive webpages

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Create beautiful proposals

With Qwilr, you don't need a designer to create proposals that look great. Use our simple editor, easy-to-use templates, and modular building blocks to create beautiful proposals quickly.


Send as a webpage

While others are sending out boring PDF's, your proposals are interactive, beautiful, and mobile-responsive. Easily embed case study videos, calendars, and more to help close the deal.

Get notified when it's viewed

Get notified when leads view your proposal and see detailed analytics that give you insight into how and when prospects are interacting with your documents.


Understand how it's read

Detailed analytics tell you how many times your proposal has been viewed, by who, and what content was most engaged with. Use this insight to tailor your follow up and win.

Close the deal

Interactive quoting eliminates back-and-forth and allows clients to choose the pricing package that fits their needs. They can choose, accept, e-sign, and pay all in one flow, from any device – click, sign, and done.


Integrate with your favourite tools

Qwilr integrates with all the leading CRM, sales and accounting software, like HubSpot, Salesforce, and Xero. Automatically create personalized documents from your CRM, generate invoices for your finance team, get a Slack notification when your page has been viewed, and more.


Get Started with Qwilr

Get a demo to see how Qwilr can help you send more impressive proposals that close more deals faster