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Deal Savvy: Strategies to Revive Stalled Sales

Wednesday 14th February – 1pm PST / 4pm EST

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About the webinar

Every sales rep has found themselves in the awkwardly frustrating position of having a solid deal unexpectedly go south, for one reason or another.

In this webinar, our experts walk through common scenarios that cause deals to stall, and the actions to get them back on track. We’ll cover, what to do when:

  • A prospect suddenly disappears
  • Pricing becomes an unexpected issue
  • An ‘invisible buyer’ becomes a roadblock
  • The purchase is de-prioritized

Plus, best practices to prevent deals from stalling in the first place.

Webinar speakers

Mark Tanner, CEO, Qwilr

Mark Tanner

CEO, Qwilr

GM & VP Revenue, Mixmax

Kyle Parrish

GM & VP Revenue, Mixmax