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USD user / month
Billed annually

Create beautiful proposals and sales collateral, with e-signature, payments and analytics. Connect to HubSpot to automate collateral creation. When billed monthly, the cost per user is $39/month.

Key features

  • Content editor

  • e-signature and payments

  • Dynamic pricing table

  • Page analytics

  • HubSpot CRM



USD user / month
Billed annually

Document automation, advanced customization, dedicated account management, and a native integration with Salesforce. Plan for 5+ users.

Business features plus

  • Account manager (10+ seats only)

  • Salesforce integration

  • Custom domain

  • Team permissions

  • Add on API

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$35 USD user / month

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$59 USD user / month

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Qwilr Pages are easy-to-create web pages you can share anywhere using a link. They're unlimited, so you can create as many as you'd like.


Create flexible and interactive quotes to help upsell your services and products. Choose from a quote table, tiered plans or a combination of both.

Allow your clients to digitally accept to save time printing, scanning, and emailing.

Formalize agreements with legally binding e-signature software – from one or multiple clients.

Accept clients to instantly pay you for your quotes via Stripe.

Demonstrate ROI with a beautiful and visual ROI calculator that you can add within any Qwilr page.

Collect relevant information from your clients after they accept your page using custom forms.

Embed interactive content like Loom videos, Google Maps, Typeforms, calendars and more.

Get a certified record of all the milestones during your proposal process, including accept, sign-off, payment, and confirmation.

Download Qwilr Pages as PDFs for printing and offline access.

Add additional users to any Qwilr plan. Business plan users cost $35 per user / per month when billed annually. Or $39 per user/ per month when billed monthly. Additional users are $59 per user / per month on Enterprise.

$35 per user
$59 per user

Invite your team to Qwilr to create beautiful sales and marketing collateral.



Work on the same page at the same time with your colleagues, and share a view-only link to non-Qwilr users.

Give your team edit or view-only access to protect important or confidential documents.

Set up permissions for different teams inside Qwilr to share pages and templates to private groups.

Determine how your team shares pages with template-level settings.


Your Qwilr pages will be accessible from a branded URL that doesn’t contain any reference to Qwilr, e.g.

Remove all Qwilr branding on confirmation emails.

Upload your custom fonts for use in Qwilr Pages across your account.


Match your brand style and add your colors and fonts.

Access templates crafted by professionals to get a head start on any document, including proposal templates, quotes templates, customer success templates, onboarding templates, and more.

Blocks allow you to create, save, and re-use content across your account. Add Quote, Accept, Video, Splash and Embed Blocks for design ease.

Choose from almost 1,000 unique Google Fonts for use across you account.

Add Typekit fonts for use in Qwilr Pages across your account.

Analytics and reporting

Receive instant email or Slack notifications whenever your pages are viewed or accepted.

Get deep insights into how your viewers engaged with your pages, including blocks viewed, time spent, and visitor information.

Review account-level data showing how your team uses and performs with Qwilr.

View up to 5 years of reporting history.

120 days
5 years

Group pages with predefined filters to collections, and get a better understanding of different use cases in your pipeline.



Protect your Qwilr Pages with custom passwords.

Protect your Qwilr Pages from being viewed beyond specified dates.

Protect your Qwilr Pages from being viewed more than a limited number of times.

Protect your Qwilr Pages from being viewed by anyone outside a specific email domain.

Request your page viewers identify themselves through email.


Integrate to automatically produce personalized Qwilr Pages for clients and update clients’ CRM records.

Integrate to automatically produce personalized Qwilr Pages for clients and update clients’ CRM records.

Integrate with Pipedrive to automatically generate proposals for clients and update CRM records.

Integrate our proposal software with 1,000+ other apps via Zapier to streamline and automate your custom workflows.

Receive instant notifications in Slack whenever your pages are viewed or accepted.

Integrate with Facebook, Google Ads or AdRoll to recapture the attention of your page visitors across the web with ads.

Integrate with Xero or QuickBooks to automatically invoice clients when your pages are accepted.

Integrate with Google Analytics, Mixpanel or Heap Analytics to get deep insights into how your visitors are engaging with your pages.

Integrate with Hotjar, FullStory or CrazyEgg to watch how your visitors engage with your pages.

Integrate with Olark, Intercom, Crisp or Slaask to chat directly with visitors or clients as they’re viewing your pages.

Integrate with Salesforce to automatically produce personalized Qwilr Pages for clients and update clients' CRM records.

Custom integration and document automation with our API add-on. Extra fees apply. Talk to our sales team for a demo and custom quote.


A global support team available 24/6 to help with any questions you have about Qwilr. We target a response rate of under 1 hour for all plans.

A comprehensive set of guides to help you and your team make the most of Qwilr.

Live chat support with our friendly Support team.

A dedicated account manager will help you and your team accelerate.

Professional services add-ons

Choose from the Self-Starter, Accelerator or the full White Glove experience with our range of onboarding packages. Packages can include custom onboarding plans, admin training, creator training, design consults, document conversions, ROI calculator training and more. Read more about our professional services and talk to our team about options.

Purchase packs of document conversions, book in for a design refresh, or purchase a one-off design consultation with our specialised design team. Read more about our professional services.

Get an ROI calculator designed for your use case with a custom calculation. Read more about our professional services.

The Qwilr Professional Services team offers a range of one-off services to help. Get a GIF or custom graphics created to spice up your Qwilr pages, or simply book in for a consultation about automating Qwilr pages with Zapier. Read more about our professional services and talk to our team about your needs.

Frequently asked questions

Qwilr makes it easy for you to quickly create polished, professional documents that impress your clients and streamline your work. We call these documents Qwilr Pages.

When you sign up to Qwilr, you’ll immediately get a free 14-day trial of our Enterprise plan, with unrestricted access to try all of our features. No contract or credit card details needed. Before your trial ends, you can choose to continue on the Enterprise plan or choose another option. Once the trial expires, your Qwilr Pages will still be live for 30 days, but you will no longer have access to your account.

You can add or remove users anytime. When you update the number of users, your bill will immediately be charged or credited as needed. Keep in mind that your base subscription to our Business plan comes with 1 included user, and our Enterprise plan comes with 10. If you reduce the number of users below those levels, you'll still be billed for the base subscription.

Yes. All pricing is in USD.

You can cancel your plan anytime. If you decide to cancel, your Qwilr Pages will be turned off, and you’ll will no longer have access to your account.

Get discounted annual pricing on our Business plan by paying upfront for a full 12 months of Qwilr. Our Business plan costs $35 per month when billed annually or $39 per month when billed monthly.

Feel free to check out our Help Center for more answers!

Stripe is our payments integration partner, and they deduct a transaction fee on payments accepted through your Qwilr Pages. Typically, this is no more than a few percentage points.

Yes, all Qwilr Page URLs are secret links that contain randomly and automatically generated strings—technology that Dropbox, Google and others use to ensure that the page can only be viewed by those with whom the link is shared. Qwilr also secures access to your pages throughout our infrastructure. The ‘security options’ available on some of paid plans offer additional security through specific tools, like passwords, time limits and view limits.

Yes! Get in touch, and we'll help you out.