E-signature software

Accelerate deal acceptance and make it easy for buyers to say "yes" with Qwilr's built-in e-signature features.

Accelerate deals by collecting legally-compliant e-signatures right from your Qwilr pages

Collect e-signatures anywhere, anytime

Qwilr's e-signature software makes it easier than ever to collect your buyers signatures and close the deal. Instead of sending multiple documents spread across emails, collapse all the steps into one living document. Your buyer can digitally sign with one or multiple signatures, and pay all in one flow from any device – click, sign, and done.

Legally compliant

E-signatures are stored for legal purposes, with a complete audit trail.

Save time with pre-filled forms

Pre-fill the names of who needs to sign and what signatures are pending.

Multi e-signatures

Allow multiple buyers to e-sign and seal the deal.

Add e-sign functionality to your proposals in a click

Remove extra steps from your sales process by integrating e-signature functionality straight into your proposals. Qwilr's e-sign feature is built-in, allowing your buyers to accept and sign from within your proposals without the need for any other tools.

Easily add e-signature functionality to your proposals

Capture legally compliant e-signatures

Signatures collected through Qwilr's e-signature software are legally compliant and secure.

Our e-signatures meet global requirements and standards for enforceability and security. This ensures both you and your customers can feel confident throughout and after the signature process.

Capture e-signatures through your proposals

Keep a record of signed documents with an audit trail

Qwilr securely stores all the audit details and organizes them in a clean, beautiful timeline. When your client signs a page, both parties receive an email with a downloadable audit trail, ensuring that you always have a record of electronically signed documents.

Audit trail of electronically signed documents

Add extra steps for security verification

Security and privacy is always a growing concern. With Qwilr every deal can be securely signed with our email security verification. Learn more about Qwilr’s security features.

Explore security features

Frequently asked questions

Yes. Qwilr esignatures are a secure way to get deals signed and closed. Our esignatures meet global laws for enforceability and security. Qwilr obtains industry-accepted certifications and complies with current industry standards and regulations so you can feel confident that your company and customer data remain secure and compliant.

You can read more on how we are taking security, compliance and privacy seriously on our Trust and Security page.

Qwilr e-signatures support legally binding documents: Our e-sign functionality complies with the requirements of Australian law, which align with the basic requirements provided for by the E-SIGN Act and UETA in the USA and are recognized in many countries around the world, including the United Kingdom, Canada, France, Germany, and more. We recommend seeking legal advice on the effectiveness of e-signatures in your own country, however.

Qwilr supports signing on all devices - computer, tablet and mobile. Your customers can choose to generate a typed signature to sign with, or draw their signature using mouse or finger on a touchscreen.

When a document is signed, Qwilr sends an email notification to all involved parties, including an Audit Trail.

The Audit Trail records the digital signatures collected and many more important details relating to the signed document, including contact details of the signer, the IP address and timestamp of the first visit to the page, links to stored backups of the project and audit trail data and a record of emails sent to all parties.