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Automate proposal creation

Fast-track your sales processes to create personalized, impressive collateral at scale. Integrate the power of Qwilr with your CRM or data source to automatically generate sales proposals, quotes, and contracts.

Create custom proposals in one-click

Dynamically personalize collateral through tokens that pull in deal variables from your CRM.


Company name

Dynamically add company name to your proposals and sales materials.


Contact details

Personalize proposal introductions by pulling in contact details from your deals.

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Pricing data

Pull in product and pricing data directly from your CRM.

Personalize proposals by merging data

Maintain consistency by using a CRM as the source of truth for deal data and pricing information.

Dynamically pull in product data directly from Hubspot.

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Connect to your existing tech stack

Qwilr integrates with all the leading CRM, sales and accounting software, like HubSpot, Salesforce, and Xero. Automatically generate invoices for your finance team, get a Slack notification when your page has been viewed, and more.

Scale proposal output with Qwilr's API

Easily assemble and create customized documents with logic that draws from your saved content blocks. Automate 1000s of proposals, all personalized with variables pulled from your own custom CRM.


Start winning with Qwilr today

Start a free trial or get a personalized product demo from the Qwilr sales team.