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How Stafflink built trust with prospects and doubled their close rate with interactive proposals




Real Estate

Company size

51-200 employees

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A real estate support agency demonstrates their expertise and drives fast growth through professional and engaging proposals.

Key Results:

  • Doubled close rate for specific key service offerings
  • Integrated interactive elements into proposals
  • Significantly increased engagement rate with proposals
  • Increased efficiency and eliminated manual work

STAFFLINK is one of the fastest-growing companies in Australia’s real estate industry. Founded by real estate agents wanting more innovative solutions, they help real estate agencies increase productivity, cut costs, and increase sales revenue by streamlining processes and onshore and offshore team expansion.

A large part of STAFFLINK’s growth is due to the team behind it — a team that’s experimental, open to trying out new technologies, and not afraid of learning.

The challenge

All companies experiencing rapid growth face challenges, and STAFFLINK is no exception. As they grew quickly, every process was called into question. They knew that further scaling would require smooth operations and a seamless buyer experience, but what was the best way to make that happen?

They decided to start at the beginning. If STAFFLINK wanted to grow to the next level, they knew they needed to present a professional image to prospective customers. This led to a period of testing out a variety of proposal software tools, hunting for the one that represented them in the best way.

“It’s easy to underestimate the value of visually appealing presentations and reports."

Matt Anson, SEO Manager at STAFFLINK

Many of the tools they tested generated simple PDF proposals. While that works for some companies, STAFFLINK felt like it limited the creativity of their sales and marketing teams.

“They did the job, but they felt clunky and awkward. There was basic design and functionality that probably wouldn’t lose us a deal, but definitely wouldn’t impress the client if they saw it.”

Matt Anson, SEO Manager at STAFFLINK

STAFFLINK’s solutions rely heavily on improving processes and workflows for their clients. Since every prospect is unique, they needed a versatile solution that would enable them to include rich and interactive content, such as videos.

Proposal preview from Stafflink

Stafflink's Web Development Proposal made in Qwilr

The solution

After some hunting, STAFFLINK found their way to Qwilr. They were blown away with the impression it made and the ability to add videos, interactive tools, and an ROI calculator. In the past, they’d been forced to send critical items like this separate from their proposals.

“Qwilr was more of an experience rather than just being given a plain document. We know that we have the ability to transform someone’s business from a process and administration point of view, but that doesn’t look very exciting when you show it on a screen. Qwilr allows us to display that in a fun and interesting way."

Matt Anson, SEO Manager at STAFFLINK

Impressed by what they saw, STAFFLINK started using Qwilr for presentations, proposals, and monthly reports to their SEO and website clients.

Building trust from the start

“Qwilr has allowed us to show how good we can be, just by enabling us to present our services so professionally and having such a nice interface. Prospective clients believed we could deliver what we were saying."

Matt Anson, SEO Manager at STAFFLINK

The impact was dramatic. STAFFLINK’s sales team quickly doubled their close rate—from 25% to 50%— for website and SEO services.

Leveraging customized and professional proposals enabled STAFFLINK’s team to put their best foot forward from their very first interactions with clients. They weren’t just a quickly growing startup hoping for a chance—they were experts with an incredibly valuable offering.

Great visuals

Business proposals, presentations, and reports have one major thing in common: they all benefit from concise and well-presented information.

When creating collateral like this, you need to find a balance: how much info is enough to make a point, but not so much that engagement will suffer?

Qwilr's great visuals enabled STAFFLINK to strike that balance with their clients.

“The usability is a thousand times better than anything we’ve done before.”

Matt Anson, SEO Manager at STAFFLINK

Their proposals and reports looked so impressive that they could include less content.

The most visible impact of this was in their engagement numbers: STAFFLINK's clients used to engage with their proposals for about a minute, if not less. With Qwilr, some clients now view their proposals for 30-40 minutes.

Example of Stafflink's proposal - showing packages

Versatility and efficiency

Qwilr's proposals are so easy to navigate and understand that STAFFLINK managed to completely eliminate a step from their sales process. In the past, every proposal required a follow up call to walk the client through the details.

With Qwilr, they’ve found that step to be completely unnecessary.

In addition to eliminating steps, Qwilr also included features that made their sales team more efficient.

"We’re now able to send out a lot more proposals than ever before."

Matt Anson, SEO Manager at STAFFLINK

Features like listing recurring payments in the proposal and embedding reports have allowed them to send out more proposals, faster.

Quality of support

As they’ve used Qwilr, STAFFLINK noticed that Qwilr’s support and communication has been far better than any other provider they tested.

“It’s been good to deal with actual humans who are building something really cool.”

Matt Anson, SEO Manager at STAFFLINK

Through really responsive support that cares about their success, STAFFLINK’s team feel well positioned for the future.

The impact

Qwilr’s proposals have even helped STAFFLINK leave lasting impressions on prospects. In addition to doubling their close rate and enabling faster proposal creation, they’ve found that clients keep returning to their offering.

“For example, we sent a proposal to a prospect who wanted a website redesign, they decided to explore other options before working with STAFFLINK. Six months later, I got an alert from Qwilr that the prospect had reopened the original proposal. I reached back out, and eventually they signed up for more than we had originally pitched them.”

Matt Anson, SEO Manager at STAFFLINK

When you’re able to close double the prospects with significantly less time, you know your sales team is well-equipped to drive additional business growth.

To learn more about how Qwilr can save your team time, improve buyer engagement, and close deals faster, book a call with our sales team.